Chronicles of the End Ch 7- The Sabotage of America

Goals of the Great Reset

The United States of America is under attack. Unfortunately most Americans are unaware of the fact. But for anyone paying attention, the signs and their meaning are unmistakable.  Reporter and news analyst Tucker Carlson sums it up succinctly:

But food, water, energy, transportation infrastructure. Food
water, energy, infrastructure. What does that add up? Oh that
adds up to a country. You can’t have a country without those
things. And in every single case whatever the cause, our
food, water, energy and infrastructure are being degraded.
Who knows why? If you didn’t know any better you’d think
there might be a war going on.
Tucker Carlson 2/13/23

Carlson has done a number of news segments documenting the attacks on critical American infrastructure. These include the destruction of numerous food processing plants by fire, even by a plane crashing into it, train derailments, including the now infamous one in East Palestine Ohio of a train carrying noxious chemicals and the subsequent “controlled burn” of those chemicals which produced a literal mushroom cloud of airborne toxic chemicals that has killed fish and wildlife, and has caused residents to break out in rashes and spit up blood. The sabotage includes attacks on oil producing facilities, water processing plants, and power grids. In addition to the destruction of processing plants that process food for humans, even the feed for chickens has been tainted, preventing the chickens from being as productive laying eggs from what they formerly were – with some chickens not laying any more eggs. And what is the illegitimate Biden administration doing about it? Are they spending billions of dollars to address these issues? No, the billions of dollars (over $100 billion at this point) are reserved for the proxy war they’re fighting against Russia via Ukraine. You can view the reports of all the destruction in the echos of reports on them below.

You may be wondering if we’re at war, who are we at war with? The above picture says it all. We’re at war with global elites who are intent on executing a “great reset” in order to bring about a one world government. Yes that would be the same big brother like government predicted to be run by the Anti-Christ in the book of Revelation (Rev 17.12-13). But such a government cannot be instituted while America, formerly the beacon of truth, justice and Judeo-Christian values (such values are now called “Western Values”) stand in the way. So it must be removed. And so the powers that be, with the help of the illegitimate Biden administration helping things along by doing things like killing the Keystone pipeline which was a big step in destroying America’s energy independence, are now diligently about the task of making America weak, a country that can be easily controlled by the beast led one world government once they appear on the scene.

Enjoy your freedom while you can, because as Charlie Kirk and Jack Hibbs describe below, under the one world government ushered in by the great reset, you’ll have nothing, eat bugs, won’t go far from home (you won’t have cars capable of it), and you’ll be happy about all of it. All in preparation for the revelation of the head of the one world government, the man of lawlessness. (2 Thess 2.3-4)

Echos of the Reports of the Sabotage and Destruction of America

The Sabotage of America 2/13/23
The Sabotage of America 2/13/23 Archive
Fires at Oil Facilities 2/27/2023
Fires at Oil Facilities 2/27/2023 Archive
Food Shortages
Biden’s goal “increase” and “disseminate” food shortages 1/30/23 Archive


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