Chronicles of the End of America

Lady Liberty about to drown, be attacked by sharks

Table of Contents for the Chronicles of the End of America

Chronicles of the End of America is  series of articles detailing the fall of America from a constitutional republic, land of the free and home of the brave, to a totalitarian regime, rife with all the concomitant problems: a lying totalitarian government, a dishonest press used for propaganda, rampant shortages, lack of justice and legal recourse, economic difficulties, and a divided population.

Chronicles of the End of America


Chapter 1 – Dismissing the Constitution

Chapter 2 – End Signs foretold?

Chapter 3 – Ignoring the Rule of Law 

Chapter 4 – Eternal Stolen elections – Replacing the Electorate 

Chapter 5 – Destruction of Justice – Weaponized for Witch Hunts 

Chapter 6 – Revelation of the American Police State 

Chapter 7 – The Sabotage of America

Chapter 8 – The End Of U.S. Sovereignty