Election Integrity: How to Fix U.S. Elections: Pres Trump, Dr Shiva

President Trump at CPAC 2021 on Election Integrity

During his speech at CPAC (The Conservative Political Action Conference), when he came to the topic of election integrity, President Trump stated, “This election was rigged…” (by which he means it was stolen) “…and the Supreme court and other courts didn’t want to do anything about it.”  He used the word “rigged” instead of “stolen” because that’s the word the writer of the Time Magazine article which confessed to the steal (The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election) used. President Trump pointed out the article later in his speech and urged people to read it. Time magazine and the writer clearly could not contain themselves, and felt compelled to  brag about how a well-funded, secret cabal of left wing activists and business leaders stole the election. Of course the writer doesn’t call it stealing. She calls it “fortifying” the election, and “rigging” it. But given that what they did was illegal, the proper term is “stole” the election. When you take something illegally, that’s stealing. And that’s what they did. The election was stolen, and Time Magazine and the article author are bragging about it.

Which brings us to the point of this article. During his CPAC speech President Trump pointed out the GOP must fix the broken election system, and guarantee election integrity, or no one will have confidence in U.S. elections. Our elections are currently worse than than those in third world countries, he pointed out, and will remain that way unless they are fixed, and election integrity is achieved.  President Trump offered steps to take in order to fix the fraud and guarantee election integrity. While his steps go a long way toward fixing the problems, they don’t fix all the problems. So included in this article are the steps suggested by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, an MIT PhD, and an expert at pattern recognition. Dr. Shiva identified the algorithms used to steal votes from President Trump and prepared a couple of presentations on it for the hearings held by then presidential attorney Rudy Giuliani, to be given before the state legislators of the swing states where most of the stealing occurred. Dr. Shiva also proved based on the votes cast, that votes were being deducted from Trump’s count and thus that vote fraud was occurring. This was done by an algorithm called a weight race vote distribution. Sidney Powell has stated she has the evidence that this occurred in multiple places (echo below).  Dr. Shiva also offered recommendations on how to fix U.S. Elections, so his suggestions are also presented.

How to achieve Election Integrity in U.S. Elections

We’ll start with the recommendations from President Trump, and follow them with those of Dr. Shiva. Unsurprisingly suggestions by President Trump tend to deal with election administration policy whereas suggestions from Dr. Shiva (inventor of email) tend to deal with technical administration of the actual process.  Echoes of the speeches where the recommendations were given are included below.

For ease of reference, following is quick reference list of the actions necessary to take to insure fair and honest elections:

Recommendations by President Trump Recommendations by Dr. Shiva
1. Vote on 1 Day, One Election day –  not long periods of time 1. Ban Electronic voting systems
2. Restrict Absentee ballots; must have a good reason to get one 2. Request Ballot Images (Election Committees)
3. Eliminate mail in balloting 3. Verify Voters vs Ballots (Voters)
4. Require Voter ID 4. Require Permanent Voter ID cards
5. Require Universal Signature matching 5. Require Open-Source software on Voting machines or hand counted ballots
6. Require Citizenship verification for every voter 6. Require hand marked Paper ballots
7. Require chain of custody proof for every ballot 7. Save Ballot Images per Federal law
8. Publish ballot images securely to the cloud
9. Require automatic audits at the precinct level
10. Publish precinct level data “poll tapes” on election night

President Trump on Election Integrity
Dr. Shiva on Election Integrity
Sidney Powell – Evidence of vote theft through illegal fractional voting
Sample of fractional voting with vote distributions

President Trump’s Recommendations for election integrity:

1. Elections should be held on one day; All vote on 1 day
Why? Democrats changed the rules so they could extend voting and continue to add fraudulent votes, even after the election was over. Fraudsters want people to vote as long as possible, both before and after the election. In the battle ground states of Pennsylvania and North Carolina for example, absentee ballots were allowed for several days after election day, allowing much room for fraudsters to determine additional votes needed and supply them (illegally).

Having elections on one day would stop early voting; thus information made available late in the election, like a candidate’s corruption, would be available to all who vote, not just the last voters with the early voters missing that information. (Polls show 17% of Biden voters would not have voted for him if they knew about the scandals.)

Additionally and more importantly, it would stop cheating by vote manufacturing and adding additional votes after election day. This is what we saw in the six swing states on election night where they stopping counting when President Trump had a huge lead, shut down for the night and then continued counting for days afterwards, and miraculously finding additional votes for Biden in the subsequent days of counting.

If elections are conducted on one day, everything is completed on that one day. No shutdowns, no miraculous finds of (fraudulent) votes. The country and the world knows by the next day who the winner is.

2.  Restrict Absentee ballots – should be allowed only for the very sick, military, out of county.
You need a good reason to vote by absentee ballot.
Why? While absentee ballots are safer than mail-in ballots, there are still ways to cheat as demonstrated in the Navarro Report here. With few exceptions most people should vote in person on election day. President Trump is correct – the democrats used Covid-19 as an excuse to use mail-in balloting which allowed for cheating on a massive scale.

3. Eliminate mail in balloting
Due to abuses in failing to properly identify the voter connected with mail-in balloting,  mail-in ballot fraud was used in all six key swing states as Rudy Giuliani pointed out, and was a key part of the plan to steal the election.

4. Requite voter ID
Mail fraud, ineligible people voting  and many other types of fraud are only possible when anonymous, manufactured votes are being stuffed in the system due no Voter Identification (ID) required. Require proper ID, and you can no longer manufacture illegal votes to stuff the ballot boxes with. The votes are either properly connected by chain of custody to a legal voter, or they are invalid.

5. Universal Signature Matching
This gets back to voter ID. Signature matching is done to verify the signature of the voter matches what is on file for the voter. Failing to do so allows for fraud. The infamous Georgia Consent Decree as pointed out by President Trump is one example of the type of fraud that’s possible when no signature matching requirements are in place.
President Trump: The Georgia Consent Decree allowed fraudulent votes

6. Citizenship verification for every person that votes
Generally, only the citizens of a country are allowed to vote in that country’s election.  That is true in the United States. Only U.S. citizens may vote in U.S. elections. Thus non-citizens – whether here legally or illegally – are not allowed to vote in U.S. elections. The number of non-citizens voting in U.S. election is startling and significant. Estimated numbers: a Washington Times article states regarding the 2016 Trump vs Clinton election:

“Based on national polling by a consortium of universities, a report by Mr. Richman said 6.4 percent of the estimated 20 million adult non-citizens in the U.S. voted in November. He extrapolated that that percentage would have added 834,381 net votes for Mrs. Clinton…”

So approximately 800,000 votes were cast by people who were not eligible to vote in the 2016 election. That number is well over the margin of victory in all of the swing states in the 2020 election (below), so this is a significant problem.

Margin of victory in swing states - from The Navarro Report Part 3
Margin of Victory in swing states – From The Navarro Report – Part 3

7. Chain of custody protections for every ballot
Why? If you do not control the custody of the ballot from the vote cast by a legal voter who is properly identified to vote tabulation, you cannot insure that fraudsters did not inject illegal votes into the vote tally. If you do not absolutely know where every single vote came from, then the scenario of votes being manipulated and changed by foreign actors as pointed out by Mary Fanning in “Absolute Proof”  – is possible. And it does not need to be high tech, foreign or remote voting machine access to have chain of custody problems. There were many chain of custody problems with mail-in ballots and other paper ballots as pointed out in our review of the Navarro report.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai’s Recommendations for election integrity:

Recommendations To Legislatures:
1. Ban electronic voting systems
The U.S. should go back to hand counted paper ballots
Why?  Simply put, voting machines are easily programmed to cheat. And when the machine is the proprietary property of a company who is not inclined to allow you to look at the software, or what it does, or how it does it, you have no basis of assurance that the machine is just counting and not running algorithms to switch votes – which has been demonstrated to be happening on voting machines. See the echo on Sydney Powell’s proof of a weighted distribution race algorithm running on voting machines below.

2. Election Committees must request the Ballot Images
from the Commissioners of all  the Boards of Election
Why?  As Dr. Shiva learned during his senate, run when voting machines are used they scan the paper ballot and create an image of the ballot. Then what is counted is the scanned image, not the paper ballot. So as he put it in Absolute Proof “the image is the ballot.” What’s counted is the image, not the paper. But if there’s fraud it’s detectable – even in the image. Both Dr. Shiva and Jovan Hutton Pulitzer outlined ways that ballot fraud can be detected. The fact that the fraud can be detected if the ballots are inspected is why election commissions who know they’ve committed fraud are resisting turning over the ballots (for example Arizona who had to have a judge order them to turn over the ballots). If there is no cheating, there is no reason disregard federal law and refuse to hand over the ballots for inspection.

Recommendations to People:
3. Request public records request for:
a) The Number of registered voters in your town (P)
b) The number of ballots cast (V)
(P) should equal (V)
Why? This is to prevent having more votes than voters, as they did in the Pennsylvania election.
The number of people voting (P) should equal the number of votes cast (V). If the number of votes cast is significantly higher than the number of people voting, that’s an indication that vote fraud has occurred.

Both (P) and (V) are public record. Dr. Shiva is suggesting you request them from your local election officials and check them yourself.

Recommendations for election system improvements:
4. Need Permanent voter registration (ID) Cards

Why? This is the same suggestion that President Trump gave. Clearly it is an important, high priority item that should be enacted immediately. This measure will drastically reduce the ability to commit vote fraud due to a failure to properly identify legal voters.

5. Require Open-source software or hand-counted paper ballots
Why? This gets back to Dr. Shiva’s item 1: proprietary voting machines and software. To insure fair elections, we must be able to completely examine both the voting machine and the software that runs them. If the company that produces them who controls access to that intellectual property refuses access, then we can never know for sure what the voting machines are doing. They may be swapping votes, dropping votes, adding votes.. Or they may be using weighted race distributions as Dr. Shiva discovered and Sidney Powell proves below. We have no idea what they’re doing unless allowed to inspect them.

However Open-source software would be a different story. As the name implies, Open-source is open to the public. Anyone who wants to examine the software has access to do so. That would put to rest any questions of software or algorithm based fraud – as long as it was proved that the examined software was in fact the software that was running on the voting machine.

Dr. Shiva’s alternative – hand-counted paper ballots – eliminates software based fraud altogether. Here the only question is accuracy. This is where recounts makes sense. Recounts of ballets that are suspected to be fraudulent are not helpful. As Sidney Powell points out below, a recount of bills with mixed counterfeit money will only tell you how many bills you have. It won’t tell you how much of it is counterfeit money, or how much is legitimate money. This is why there is a distinction between simple recounts, and a forensic audit and inspection of ballots.

6. Require Hand-marked paper ballots
Hand marked ballots are in contrast to machine made (punched) ballots (recall the Florida hanging chat mess from the 2000 election) or pre-printed (fraudulent) ballots as alleged by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer.

Hand marked ballots (typically completed with markers like “Sharpies”) would eliminate both these problems.

7. Save ballot images per Federal Law (52 USC 20701)
Why? Since the ballot images are the ballots, as Dr. Shiva notes below the ballot images are required to be retained for 22 months by law. Obviously that is so they can be audited if necessary. Yet in spite of the law some states want the ballot images destroyed or deleted. Don’t believe it? See here and here.

If you’ve run a fair election and didn’t cheat, why do you want to disregard federal law and delete the evidence of your fair election?

Dr Shiva: Where are the ballot images? They're required to be kept for 22 months by law (52 USC 20701)

8. Publish ballot images in to the Cloud (on the internet)
Why? Election records should not be subject to local politicians who may have a motive to hide them or delete them. Instead, they should be made available for inspection upon demand per law (52 USC 20701). Remember – the ballot image is the ballot. Publishing them to a secure location “in the cloud” would remove them from the control of local politicians who may have something to hide and want them destroyed.

Sadly those who want to continue to cheat will oppose this tooth and nail. If you want “free and fair” elections, you must demand the law is obeyed, and fight to make sure ballot images are retained in a secure location, and are made available upon request for inspection per the law.

9. Automatic audits at the precinct level
Why? A better question here is why not? Today’s technology makes audits a simple matter – particularly if this country continues to use voting machines and ballot images as seems likely. Why not insure there were no problems with the original run and counts by doing an automatic audit at the end?

10.  Publish precinct level data “poll tapes” on Election Night
Why? Voting machines produce records of the votes they count, and the results are listed in “poll tapes.” Dr. Shiva describes them here. Again, since elections are public information, there should be no reason to conceal exactly what happened during the election. Results of the election – including poll tapes – are the property of we the people. It should be made available immediately upon completion, on election night before fraudsters have a chance to taper with them, or other election results.

Stopping the Madness

Voter fraud and stolen elections can be stopped. Above are the solutions to do so. The only thing that remains to be seen is, whether politicians and election officials have the will to stop the cheating, stop the steals, and mandate fair elections. Or will they continue to allow manipulation of the system so corrupt officials can put in office any candidate they like, as they did with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? If your politicians are resisting these measures to insure a free and fair election, you know they want to continue to cheat and steal elections. They don’t want a real election. Rather, those resisting election integrity measures are like a third world dictate who want show elections that they control. Such elections are to show the people that they won the election. But the people are not stupid. Show elections are easy to detect. The 2020 U.S. election was a show election to show people that Biden won. But it’s clear that Biden lost and Trump won in a landslide.


President Trump’s CPAC speech (excerpt), section dealing with Election Integrity

President Trump changes needed to stop election theft and insure election integrity

Dr. Shiva’s testimony (excerpt) prepared for the Michigan State legislator’s hearing 12/3/2020,
section concerning how to stop election theft

Dr. Shiva: How to stop election theft

Sidney Powell discloses evidence to prove illegal factional voting was used in the 2020 presidential election to steal votes from President Donald Trump

Above – Sidney Powell talks about evidence of illegal fractional voting

Below: Sample of fractional voting: one vote split between Biden and Trump
with Biden getting .659 of the vote and Trump getting .322 of the vote = .0981
the other .019 went to “Other votes”.  This is of course illegal, but it is how a lead
over Trump was maintained after large vote dumps were made as detailed in
the “Drop and Roll video.” In passing note the consistently repeating ratios of
votes between Trump and Biden. This is also impossible in a fair election as
pointed out in the video.

Evidence of illegal fractional voting used in the 2020 Election
Evidence of illegal fractional voting used in the 2020 Election
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