Taking the Killer Covid Vax: Akin to Drinking the Kool-Aid

We’ve been warning about this for a long time. Particularly in the articles: Covid – Vaccine Deaths – What the Government doesn’t want you to know – Part 4 and Hundreds of Thousands of Vaccine deaths Hiding in Plain Sight – Covid Part 5 among others. Now others have joined us in the warning, because the data is clear, it’s overwhelming, and it’s conclusive.

The debate is over. Covid vaccines not only do not prevent either being infected with Covid-19, nor do they stop or prevent its spread. Rather, taking the Covid vaccines – particularly taking multiple shots, is similar to drinking the Kool-aid.  As the followers of Jim Jones were coerced into drinking poison- the cyanide and valium laced Kool-aid like drink “Flavor-aid” by their wicked, deceived leader, Jim Jones, similarly populations today have been coerced into taking the death shots – under threat of loosing their livelihood in many cases – by deceived or wicked government leaders who mandated the toxic vaccines on their populations.

The Data is In

But the data is in. And it’s conclusive: the vaccines are killing people. That is not the conclusion of a lone doctor, or a lone reporter. It is the conclusion of multiple governments and physicians around the world. But don’t take our word for it. Read the reports. See the data for yourself:

Alex Berenson:

“There’s one data point that cannot be just waved away, period.
Okay? And that’s all cause mortality. It is the total death count
whether it’s in the United states, or Europe of Australia,
governments are good at counting their citizens being born and
dying. And what we have seen for this year in Europe, and this is my
top substack story today, Which is why I’m mentioning it, is week
after week, European countries are reporting above average all cause
deaths. As of this moment in Europe, there are more excess deaths in
2022, which is post vaccination, than either 2021 or 2020 when Covid
was supposed to be ravaging Europe. And no one has offered a good
explanation for why this is.”
Alex Berenson,
Tucker Carlson Tonight, 8/25/2022

New Zealand Government:
Children vaxxed between 10 and 19 are more likely to die within a month of vaccination, than those who didn’t take the vaccine in the same age group.
Reported on Tucker Carlson Tonight, 8/25/22

Dutch Researcher:
Dutch researcher André Redert published a paper: “Covid-19 vaccinations and all-cause mortality
-a long-term differential analysis among municipalities”
that concluded:

“We could not observe a mortality-reducing effect of vaccination in Dutch municipalities after vaccination and booster campaigns. We did find a 4-sigma-significant mortality-enhancing effect during the two periods of high unexplained excess mortality. Our results add to other recent findings of zero mRna-vaccine effectiveness on all-cause mortality, calling for more research on this topic.”

Carlson reports that data from the Canadian Province of British Columbia, is now missing from the internet archive, but the most recent available data show that:

“70% of all deaths in that province occurred in people who are boosted. Even though boosted individuals make up only half the province’s population.”
Tucker Carlson – 8/25/2022

Pearson Sharp reports that the triple vaxxed account for 91% of all vax deaths. And that triple vaxxed kids are 130% more likely to die of Covid than normal, health, unvaxxed kids. Here’s the chart:

Sharp does a full report on how the Covid-19 are killing young people and athletes. I leave you with his frightening report titled, “Vaccinated Populations Suffering Strange New Illness, Doctors Report Foreign Compounds Found In Vaccines


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