2022: The Year Conspiracy Theories Were Confirmed

JFK & Jackie in Limo - Dealey Plaza

If 2020 is remembered as the year of the stolen election, and 2021 is remembered as the year of Covid-19 treatment and Vaccine lies, what will 2022 be remembered for? For many people, it will be remembered as the year many conspiracy theories were proved true. Not merely considered true, (many are already considered true) but proved true by hard evidence – and acknowledged by multiple media sources. Like the heroine Rey in The Force Awakens who is led to the truth that “it’s all true” by Han Solo, people whose news horizons extend beyond left wing main stream media sources will see the reports of evidence revealed and realize regarding the conspiracies, “it’s all true.”

Conspiracy Theories Proved True

Conspiracy confirmed: The CIA was involved in the assassination of JFK

On of the biggest conspiracies that was proved true concerns the assassination of President John F Kennedy. Many disbelieved the Lee Harvey Oswald one man assassin theory, a theory that was a collection of contradictions put out by official sources and supported by the cherry picked findings of the Warren Commission. The Warren Commission was a government appointed group ostensibly tasked with finding the culprit or culprits for the killing, but in actually, was clearly tasked with supporting the baseless Oswald one man assassin theory. And indeed the Warren report came to the conclusion that supported the then official theory: that Oswald did it, and acted alone.

There have long been what have been called “conspiracy theories” – a term used to discount a theory without presenting any evidence that it’s own counter claim is true. By calling the involvement of the
CIA a “conspiracy theory” they supposedly discredited the idea – all without presenting any evidence to disprove the “conspiracy” or support their own theory. The most notable theory – that the CIA was behind the assassination – was popularized by director Oliver Stone in his epic film “JFK” (1991). Stone went on and drove the point home with even more evidence – including displaying actual documents showing the lies of the CIA in the 2021 follow-up movie: “JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass.” If there were any doubts of the CIA involvement in the planning and execution of the assassination of Kennedy, that film should have removed all doubt. Yet somehow the fact that the CIA was involved in the killing of JFK remained in “conspiracy theory” status.

But now, attention by even the media is being paid to evidence from a source familiar with classified CIA documents. These documents confirm that the CIA was involved in the Kennedy assassination. In a conversation with news commentator Tucker Carlson, the source said:

Carlson: “Did the CIA have a hand in the murder of John F Kennedy, an American president?”
Source familiar with the CIA documents: “The answer is yes. I believe they were involved. It’s a whole different country from what we thought it was. It’s all fake.”

Below is a highlight of the report. For the full segment, see here.

Tucker Carlson Tonight 12/15/22 Archive

Other Conspiracy Theories Confirmed

A number of other evidence supported theories have likewise been held up to ridicule by the mere name calling of the concept being labeled a “conspiracy theory”, in spite of the fact that no evidence is presented that the theory was incorrect. Now, in spite of the mud slinging, evidence has been revealed that those conspiracy theories are in fact true. Following are a number of the prominent ones.

Conspiracy confirmed: Twitter censorship and election interference

Twitter, and other social media companies have long been accused of censoring conservative ideas and news, particularly when it comes to political news. With the purchase of twitter by Elon Musk, and the release of the internal documents of what was going on in Twitter – labeled “The Twitter Files” – Twitter censorship, and thier interference in U.S. elections at the behest of government agencies along with instructions on what and who to censor, has also been proven true. In fact as Musk indicates in the following tweet, the theories about Twitter were either completely true, or more true than people suspected.

Tweet Archive

Musk released the proof of Twitter censorship and other Twitter misbehavior to journalists who then tweeted them out, lie after lie after lie. You can see a sample of the tweets here, here and here.

Tucker Carlson summarizes the import of the Twitter Files below.

Tucker Carlson Tonight Dec 5, 2022 Archive

Conspiracy confirmed:  Wuhan China origin of Covid-19 and development of the virus as a bioweapon

We reported that Covid-19 is an “unrestricted” bioweapon  created in Wuhan China, here. This too is also being acknowledged as fact. Two years ago in 2020, Dr Li-Meng Yan told  the world that the  SARS-CoV2 virus that causes Covid-19 was bio-engineered by the Chinese military in a lab in Wuhan China. Now that truth is also acknowledged.  See Dr Yan’s original report and Carlson’s acknowledgement of her being correct in this clip from Carlson’s Dec 5, 2022 show.

Conspiracy confirmed:  Hunter Biden Laptop – not Russian disinformation

We reported on the suppression of the Hunter Biden Laptop story here. The laptop provides evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s business dealings and influence peddling (which he lied about), as well as Hunter’s many moral failings – from drug binges to dealings with prostitutes. The explosive story which was  published just before the 2020 election by the New York Post was dismissed as “Russian disinformation” by both government officials and leftwing media talking heads. The Twitter files have now confirmed that the story was suppressed at the urging of the FBI.

Conspiracy confirmed:  The 2020 Election was Stolen – more proof

For those denying the truth of the Navarro Report which detailed many (but not all) of the ways the democrats stole votes and ultimately stole the 2020 election from the legitimate winner – Donald Trump, 2022 featured yet another proof that the 2020 presidential election was stolen: Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules. The documentary demonstrates illegal ballot box stuffing used by the democrats (one of many methods in addition to those listed in the Navarro report) which alone (apart from all the other cheating methods) was sufficient to steal the election.

Related, but Not Conspiracies: Government Lies 

The following are not conspiracy theories, but they’re related – lies told by the government officials or news organizations that should easily have been identified as lies to anyone paying attention. Tucker Carlson lists the following in the below segment:

Lies Told in 2022

  • Russia blew up it’s own Nord Stream 2 oil pipeline
    (Carlson’s #1 dumbest lie ever told – Putin blew up his own pipeline)
  • Biden: It’s a “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated”
  • The Unvaxxed are killing us
  • Sam Bankman-Fried is the next JP Morgan
  • Inflation is just transitory

Added by Jason Whitlock – host of  “Fearless” (comments viewable in the archived version below)

  • Ukraine video: “The Ghost of Kiev” of a maverick fighter pilot that shot down many Russian planes
  • The Paul Pelosi incident
  • US Border officials on horseback were whipping illegal migrants
  • The January 6th committee “That to me is the biggest lie we’ve got going on in America” – Whitlock

Tucker Carlson Tonight 12/23/2022 Archive

All told, 2022 was a year when the truth of conspiracy theories, and the falsehoods of many official government lies were exposed. And with those revelations, the truth is, the Washington swamp of lies, deceit and pervasive deception is wider, lengthier, deeper and far mor reaching than most of us ever suspected. Hopefully your eyes have been opened to the deceptions. “Fool me once – shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

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