Democrats have become the evil party of Satan

Satan / Satan Fan at desk

It’s time for Americans to face a truth that has been staring at them since the 1800’s: The democratic party is a wicked, evil institution; it is a cult of Satan.

Like Satan, democrats don’t want to have anything to do with God. So they removed “so help me God” from the House Committee Oath used to swear in witnesses. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Democrats oppose every good, moral position that is supported by the Bible or even natural law. That being the case, it has become clear that democrats have become the party of Satan, following the “doctrines of demons” (1 Tim 4.1), and anyone who stands with them is either deceived or equally demonic inspired and motivated. All you need do to see this is to consider that everything Democrats stand for is opposed to God, the Bible and God’s created order. Just consider a few of the democratic positions, all of which are against Biblical values: Pro-Abortion (Infanticide), support for LGBTQ(etc) immorality, disregarding victims of crime, while helping criminals to commit more crime, disregard for the rule of law, so political enemies are persecuted and arrested while millions of illegal immigrants are allowed to freely pour across our borders, because democrats hope it will help them steal future elections in their plan to have eternal stolen elections in the future. While political leaders and the politically connected take bribes from our enemies China and Russian, they turn a blind eye the attacks on the enemy people through Bio-weapons like Covid-19 and drugs like Fentanyl. The Satanic worship of mother earth and climate change as codified in ESG scores has already destroyed countries like Sri Lanka whose economy collapsed after they banned chemical fertilizing which shut down one third of the farmers and made food scarce; and Ghana whom Tucker Carlson reported (7/12/22) entered an agreement to limit carbon emissions, and followed it with joining the Paris climate accord. Now they’re suffering major power cuts, the Ashanti region doesn’t have water, and people are facing food shortages. South Africa is likewise have powering issues (rolling blackouts) after switching to renewables. The list goes on, and the story is the same: the satanic religion of climate change is killing people through lack of energy and food.

Others have reached the same conclusion – that the democratic party is Satanic and evil – and doing what Satan does: kill, steal and destroy. (John 10.10) Consider the conclusions reached by Jason Whitlock and Vince Ellison:

Jason Whitlock: The Democratic Party should be labeled a Satanic Cult

Vince Ellison: “”The Democratic party is an evil institution.”

Vince Ellison: The Definitive Statement on the Democratic Party

Good intentions do not necessarily produce good results. If you think your good intentions towards woman, minority, gays, the climate, etc. as expressed by democrat policies are doing good. You’re wrong. Dead wrong. And thoroughly deceived. Don’t follow lying democrats in their destructive ways, for they too will be destroyed if they do not turn from their evil. (Prov 29.1)

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Updated: 10/2/22

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