Chronicles of the End Chapter 8 – The end of U.S. Sovereignty

Michele Bachmann

A year ago, Michele Bachmann reported on plans that the WHO – the World Health Organization, the health agency arm of the United Nations – had to take over decision making from all countries with regards to health matters, effectively eliminating Sovereignty for all who agree to it – which is where the United States is headed. Here is a clip from Steve Bannon’s Warrom with a brief summary by Ron Filipkowski:

A Year later, and the inexorable march to the destruction of the power and goodness of the United States as originally conceived continues. This month, Bachmann reports that since the U.S. has rejoined the WHO under Biden in 2021 as one of his first official acts – after Donald Trump had began removal of the U.S. From the WHO in 2020, the only thing that stands between the WHO gaining sovereign control over what should be United States health care decisions (a broad category that can be used for just about anything) is for the U.S. to once again withdraw from the WHO. Bachmann is urging everyone to contact elected officials to urge them to do that. Aside from there being no political will to do that –  the fact is that the compromised, election stealing Biden welcomes the control by his Chinese overlords. Chinese leader Xi Jinping has already stated China – or he – will be directing the WHO. Following is the urgent report Bachmann gave to Christian Leader Dr. James Dobson this month.

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Archive version Part 1; Part 2

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