Absolute Proof – Evidence Summary

Absolute Proof

Overview: Absolute Proof – Exposing Election Fraud and the Theft of America by Enemies Foreign and Domestic – a documentary by Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, presents, as the title suggests, proof of election fraud in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. The fraud resulted in the theft of the election, which if conducted fairly, was won by a landslide by president Trump. Thus the theft resulted in stealing the win from from president Trump and giving it to Joe Biden, a China connected politician who did effectively no campaigning. Though other evidence is offered, the “absolute proof” that is referred to is forensic evidence of foreign actors accessing the U.S. voting infrastructure and changing millions of  votes. The data was captured by the surveillance tool known as Hammer and Scorecard. The documentary presents the case that the election was effectively a coup led by corrupt domestic actors aided by foreign actors – principally China.

Below is a summary of the evidences presented in the documentary “Absolute Proof.”
The evidence is presented in the following format:

  • Section in the black – Introduces a new guest, their title or background, and summarizes the evidence they present.
  • Data in the left column indicates the approximate time reference (based on the below video) where you can find the remark.
  • The information in the Right column lists key points; These points  are selectively presented and summarized (not verbatim) unless indicated by direct quotes (” “) followed by their name. Comments added for clarification or for additional information are in square brackets [ ].
  • Bold – emphasis added for key points


LIst of Evidence Presenters:

Col Phil Waldren
Russel Ramsland
Dr Shiva Ayyadurai
Patrick Colbeck
Melissa Carone
Matt DePerno
Mary Fanning
Gen Thomas McInerney
Terry Turchie

Time  Ref

Mike Lindell – Host

2 Blessings/Miracles out of this




Two Miracles:
1st Miracle: Trump got so many votes, the algorithm
[to steal votes] couldn’t handle it, so they had to shut down to
re-calibrate [to steal sufficient votes].
That allowed the biggest Cyber-Attack on America to be known


Review of Fraud categories by contested swing state
(Using Data that appears in “Reclaiming a Super Power“)

Summary –
Margin of victory Vs Number of likely stolen votes

Arizona – Margin of Victory – 10,000 votes
Votes In Question: 660,892

Georgia  Margin of Victory – 10,000
Votes in question 1,567,146

Michigan – Margin of Victory – 147,000
Votes in Question 633,227

Nevada – Margin of Victory –  34,000
Votes in questions 212,508

Pennsylvania Margin of Victory –  68,000
Votes in question 866,284

Wisconsin Margin of Victory 20,000
Votes in question 400,000

[Note the very slim margins of victory for Biden. If the evidence presented here and in the Navarro report is accurate,  (and this writer believers that both are correct), then Trump is clearly the winner, and Biden clearly an illegitimate president and a thief perpetrating the biggest fraud in the history of the U.S.]


2nd Miracle:

If electors, legislators, Governors had done their job, [and
disqualified illegal votes], thus giving the election to Donald Trump –
we wouldn’t be where we are today – [where we can see the attack on the
United States by other countries and the extent of the voter fraud], and
in future elections, we would never have known.


Col Phil Waldren,
Influence Operations, Information warfare

This was a coup; aided by a foreign threat nation-state



Worked with Allied security Operations group in Dallas – doing analysis,
not only Dominion system, also systems by  ES&S, Hart

He saw many vulnerabilities.

His Background  -What he did as an information warfare officer, he looked for ways to influence, “interdict” these systems.

3 Levels of fraud:

1.  Local Level – ballots put into the machines

2. Machine Level – algorithms  used (to change votes)


Evidence of that [Machine level fraud – algorithms used to change the
vote]- In Ware county Ga stole 13% of the vote From Trump, gave to
Biden; 26% shift

[The steal was ] at the machine level So many cyber security practices that are not enabled; anyone with technical ability and desire can go in influence our


We have documented Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ownership of the
private Chinese equity firm whose board controls Dominion.


3. Third Tier (level of fraud) – movement of votes


All court cases were lost – That’s a lie
Only 2 cases where evidence was heard and those cases are progressing


“It is complex, and it’s hard for people to understand. And if it’s hard
to understand, people just dismiss it as – you know – conspiracy theory.
Where it’s cyber-warfare, and conventional asymmetric conducted by a
peer threat nation-state against the United States government critical
Col Phil Waldren






Mike: Overnight Shutdown – You were expecting that, right?

Phil: we were watching, found the foreign servers – Barcelona, UK,
Frankfurt, Toronto with Dominion

Mike: So you know the servers were over seas?

Phil: Yes  we were mapping out the servers before the election,
Identified the SCYTL server in Frankfurt down to the street address.

DE Nix – (DE for Germany) one of the largest nodes; several people
watching the traffic; noticed a significant spike in traffic – night of
the US election


Mike:  You believe this was an attack from a foreign country?
Phil: “I believe from what I’ve seen and the witnesses that I’ve talked
to that this is a coup, that it definitely involved elements inside our
own country, and inside our own federal government. Definitely,
definitely part of a coup that was aided and abetted by a foreign threat
nation-state – a peer enemy nation state – China.
Col Phil Waldren







“We have affidavits of CIA and state department personnel out of the
Italian embassy participating in this coup.”

The DOJ was shutting down investigations into this.

The FBI never did anything other than impede investigations.

The FBI was harassing whistle-blowers

Critical Capabilities – Need to have –

Which are the capabilities built into Dominion and ES&S

If China can avoid the US coming to Taiwan’s defense, invest a billion
dollars to not come to the aid of Taiwan, instead of having to fight a
war, they’ve made a good investment. And we’ve seen this already.

They are fighting a war, people just don’t realize we’re under

[Note: Col Waldren gave further details in the hearings held by Trump
attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis. You can view it in our fact
check of the Navarro report here.]


Russell Ramsland,
Founding member Allied
Security Operations group, based in Dallas, Texas, they do cyber
forensics and security

– Reviewed systems; was horrified at all the vulnerabilities;

– Developed massive amounts of evidence;
– Gov. agencies (CISA, FBI, courts etc.) wouldn’t do anything about it
– Saw attacks during election night
– Performed the forensic audit for Antrim County, Michigan
– Voting machines are clearly online
– Massive Theft of voting machine login credentials; allows votes to be
changed at will by third party (foreign or domestic)


Mike: How did you get involved?
Russ: Two years ago, we were handed logs (1100 Pages of log) for the
Dallas election from the Central tabulation server.

We were horrified: People were getting into system, changing votes;
erasing databases, reloading them, coming from remote locations.

System used: ES&S


Brought in DOJ, submitted to FBI – who did nothing



Finally got 7 Members of the Freedom Caucus who took a look; we showed
proof the election system was compromised
Texas denied Hart, but used ES&S

Mike – why deny one and accept another?

Russ – probably politics



End up with Investigators at Ron Johnsons Department of Homeland
Security Oversight group; they were horrified; They tried to get CISA to
take a look [CISA=Cybers Intellence Security administration (CISA)  inside the  DHS
department of Homeland Security]

CISA would not take the briefing. They couldn’t be less interested.






The break in early August when DHS people  in Austin with the I and A
division  (Intelligence and Analysis)

That division used to have voter integrity before it was handled to
CISA. The Data was given to A and I; who was horrified. They  sent a team to
Russ’s team.

They ask for the data and gave it to 3 private cyber groups;
All 3 groups confirmed data was right; and it was horrifying.



Mike: What was horrifying?


– There is no effective security at all for your votes

– Votes are stored overseas 27 states use Clarity Scytl election night
reporting; those servers are overseas

-They have s3 bucket vulnerabilities

Scytl gets credentials for every server in every county, so they can
get in and change the votes here from overseas.


DHS in August – Tried to have classified briefings in their own group;
They took it 1 or 2 levels up; then met a solid wall of resistance saying
leave it alone; don’t pursue this.



That was September

We knew it was going to happen

We saw thousands of attacks from all over the world.






Mike:  So the election goes down. Is it exactly what you thought was
going to happen?

Russ: Yes, we thought it would happen at 3 levels:

1. Massive local cheating

2. Cheating through the voting companies themselves

3. Cheating from votes being injected from over seas

And that’s exactly what we saw happen.




We developed tons of proof; no court case ever allowed it to be
presented; Which gave fodder to the idea no evidence exists, but it does
exist, its massive.

Judges did not want to look at the evidence.




Mike we heard about the issue in Antrim County – Michigan. Were you
guys contacted to look at that:

Russ: That was our work. I signed the forensic audit report.

That report went national because what we found was so horrifying.





Mike: This was so obvious because the it was a small county – which is
65% republican, 35% democrat normally; But it was flipped 65% democrat,
35% republic; so everybody in the town knew it was a deviation that
didn’t make sense.

This case is still open.



Mike: Were you able to look at other places?

Russ: On a limited basis we’ve been able to go into 2 other counties.
Info is not published yet.
Both are worse than Antrim







People need understand – when you vote:

Ballot goes either:

1 – to be counted

2 – to be adjudicated [If it goes to adjudication, an election worker
decides how to cast the ballot]

In Antrim, reject rates were 82% of the vote (meaning they went to
adjudication and someone else decided on how  82% of the vote was cast)

Normal adjudication rates –should be less than 1%

Fulton county people admitted to a 93.6% adjudication rate in some

– That means the entire election was decided by the people who ran the
system, not by the voters


Mike: This does not count the cyber fraud that goes overseas, correct?

Russ: That’s a different issue altogether


Mike: if we never found out, what would the future look like?
Russ:  We’re basically approaching Venezuela – where it doesn’t matter











Mike: Machines that go online – not just Dominion – all machines used
in this election – is that would you would say?

Russ: Yes. For those who claim the machines are not online:

-We Have videos of people pulling up Netflix and watching a movie.

How does that happen if the machines are not online?

– We have an affidavit of an election judge – where the wrong precinct
was loaded; the voting company reloaded it remotely in 10 minutes.

How does that happen if it’s not connected to the internet?

-Here’s one you don’t know

Every day we  took info on the voter records of the people who voted

Dallas posts it online

We added up all the 0s and 1s and stored it  [Essentially produced a check

Watched what happened to the voter records

We saw 57,000 voters had voter records changed during early election
alone in Dallas Texas.

This was nationwide





Mike: Why did they not select the Texas [voting] machines to [be
remotely manipulated] to win [For Biden]?

Russ: Thee was a previous concern in Texas. – Pete Sessions – whose 2018
race was stolen – had filed a complaint in Texas, and published a paper;
so they were very aware Texas was going to come under scrutiny that
others would not.

There was also a huge operation in Houston where 700,000 vote scamming
scheme was uncovered.
So there was a lot going on in Texas and it made them a little skittish
to operate there.


Mike – So they controlled all the down tickets too?

Russ: No doubt; absolutely.






Mike: Can you speak specifically to the Malware

Russ: There’s a company out of Barcelona Spain, called  Scytl, in owns
Clarity Election Night Reporting

The voting companies (Dominion, ES&S, Hart) pass voting data to Syctl;
Syctl passes it to the media. Election Night Reporting supposedly passes
the votes along to the media.

But using standard white hat tools, they can look and see what’s on the
server in Frankfurt Germany. There’s a piece of malware on the server
called Q snatch. Q Snatch watches all the info that comes in and grabs
the login credentials of every single county in the country that reports
to it. Once it has those credentials, it can access the county database
from oversea or anywhere, and you can inject changed votes – either
through the adjudication system, or just plain replace the database.

It’s [Q Snatch] a massive, massive, massive security vulnerability, it’s there and
working and they have all the login ability they need to get into any
county that reports to them.



Mike: We heard the votes went overseas; a guy signed an affidavit he did
it. What’s your opinion on what happened Nov 4?

Russ: It should have been investigated, it’s consistent with what we see
happening -but it was not.

There was no investigation by anyone- and it should have been – its
entirely consistent



Mike: Bill Barr – said there’s no evidence. Why do people keep pushing this

Russ:  A haunting question. Probably a combination of things:

– Some people corrupt

– May find our Government may have been changing votes in other
countries for years, don’t want people to not

– Some people don’t want to look; afraid to look

– Some people are compromised

– Some have been told not to look – to stay out of it.


Russ: Why are people going to such incredible lengths to say there’s
nothing here, when there clearly is something here?


Dr Shiva Ayyadurai,
4 MIT degrees, expert in system science and pattern analysis

– Testimony of his stolen election

– Ballot Images are created and counted (Not the actual ballot)
– Ballot images must be saved, but are being deleted
– There’s a weighted race feature – where votes are multiplied by a factor
to increase or decrease the votes to a specified candidate













[[View Dr Shiva’s testimony for Giuliani’s legislature hearings]
Dr Shiva – on his Senate run – which was stolen

He had a massive ground operation -3,000, 20,000 bumper stickers,10,000
lawn signs, billboard, radio, TV

The GOP ran a no-name, no real lawn signs, no bumper stickers, no
organization, nothing

We knew on election Sept 1, 2020 .  the word  “landslide” is what we
heard everywhere; friend said we’re going to win this unless there’s
election fraud.

Dr Shiva Invented an email system,

Background :pattern analysis and system science

builds large scale systems; knows how to move from paper based systems
to electronic systems, when you do that, a single individual has an
immense amount of power.

Sept 1 2020, Primary election

Franklin county; Hand counted, paper ballots Shiva wins by 10%

In every other county he[Dr Shiva] lost with a 60 – 40 Ratio – exact percentage
in every county

By a guy who wins in:

 – a Black county

–  a White county

–  a Hispanic county

who did no campaigning
who won by the same percentage in every county – “Highly unlikely”
Realized election fraud could take place



By Sept 9, had learned two ways to vote:

1. Paper ballot – and it’s counted

2. It’s Electronic – Paper ballot converted to a scan image producing
a “ballot image”.

What’s actually counted is the ballot image; so the
image is the ballot.


Mike: So you have a deviation?

Dr: Shiva – they found out:

1. Ballot images are being created

2. By 1974 federal law, those ballot images for federal elections must
be saved [See his comment from his now suspended Twitter account here]

3. Voting machines have a weighted race feature, as early as 2002

Don’t believe it [that they use weighted race]? Go to Diebold manual  Page
[Snapshot of Diebold manual page 2-126 | Entire manual ]











Mike: Can you prove your election was stolen? That they’re using 60/40
[vote ratio]

Dr Shiva: We proved [two things]:

1. The state had deleted the ballot images.(If they had the ballot
images I could find the algorithm) So had to use my 40 years experience
to look at the data

Found an anomaly

2. Found a Deviations:

Found a pattern that could only occur 1 in 100,000 times.

sued the state; Judge did not dismiss; The case is still open

3. Showed; when he put it on Twitter; Sec of State contacted Twitter
to take it down along with the Nation Assoc of state election directors

So Twitter is listening to Government officials
This is what happens in countries like China. The government tells
corporations what to do.








2. In the case to De-certify the [fraudulent] election

They tried to have the case dismissed, the judge would not dismiss;
denied motion

MIT is in MA – lot of computer people there.

But no one has rebutted has rebutted my mathematics that they multiplied
my votes by .666 (other guys’ by 1.2)

The public needs to understand: Federal laws – the Dept of Justice is
supposed to enforce them.

We contacted William Barr and local US attorney and they’ve done

This is what happens in third world countries – there are laws, but
nothing’s followed.

Wasn’t [that] Twitter acting alone; The government contacted Twitter

This is a fundamental violation of the first amendment



Mike: Yes Twitter shut down account for my movie “Unplanned”

Mike: Charge to Journalist: be journalists and run with it


“Because the real crime scene in America is these computer algorithms.
Dr Shiva Ayyadurai

[Note: Dr Shiva gave testimony in the hearings held by Trump attorneys
Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis.
In those testimonies he further details the patterns used to match the
algorithms, and the specific algorithms that were used. You can view it
in our fact check of the Navarro report here.]


Patrick Colbeck
– former state senator in Michigan;
poll challenger in Detroit MI, Wayne County

The Control Center is connected to the
Broken chain of custody






Mike: what brings you here?
Patrick: – I was a poll challenger in Detroit MI, Wayne County

– Also work with Microsoft small business specialists; did cabling
design on the space station so I’m- familiar with election processes and
network configurations.

I wanted to understand specifically the hand-off of vote tally to the
control center

We have seen evidence it’s connected to the internet.

We saw the cable; Officials admitted there were computers in the control
center connected to the internet

If PCs are connected to the Internet or even a local area network and
you can’t witness that hand off of vote tallies, you don’t have that
seal  [the chain of custody is broken]

Don’t know if the hand off is correct – could be  Man in the middle

Ballots came in the back door


Melissa Carone
– Dominion IT Contractor

– Witnessed ballots counted multiple times

– All votes were for Biden – none for Trump
– In correct batches






Hired by Dominion Nov 3, 4 to assist with IT work

Saw thousands of votes – all for Biden

Never saw a single Trump vote

Recounting batches over and over

Saw one batch with 400
Batches shouldn’t go over 50; Manager – I don’t want to hear that we
have a problem

[Additional Testimony In our Navarro Report review, online here]


Matt DePerno
Lawyer involved with Antrim County
election [where it flipped from 65/35 Rep/Dem to 65/35 Dem/Rep]

Antrim Mi, Problems:

– Vote Flipping
– Additional votes adding during Hand count
– Chain of Custody Broken
– Dominion Machines have 68% error rate; allows other to adjudicate
– Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel – practicing tyranny



Mike: How did you get involved?
Matt: I knew some people In Antrim county; small county in Upper
Historically votes 65% Republican; 35% Democrat

In this case, it completely flipped on election night 65% to Biden; 35%
to Trump


People knew there was a problem because they historically vote


[Snapshot] – Header – Antrim Michigan Forensics Report
Matt Deperno – Attorney; Russel Ramsland [above] – Forensic expert
Full Report Here | archive


Client Bill Bailey Challenged the down ballot school board elections



Review of the Hand count Report


After hand recount for Chestonia Township, Antrim County Mi:

Chestonia Township:

                                Biden    Trump

Original                197         3              200 Total

Hand count         93           197         290 Total

Echo Township:

                              Biden    Trump

Original               392           8            400 Total

Hand                    198          392         590 Total
[Note vote total difference]





The machines were off [incorrect]

Mike: Will see massive machine election fraud where countries hacked
into our election – nationwide.

[The summary (here) Summary  the machine count gave Biden 1810 more
votes than actually received;  and Trump had 5250 votes deducted

Final hand count was Trump 9759;  Biden 5959;  15,718 total votes

where were the 3200 votes on election night?

On the recount, gained 2,000 votes – no explanation how that happened

Summary shows Machine count gave Biden 1810 more votes than actually

And Trump had 5250 votes deducted


Lawsuit filed

Asked for Forensic Images (Done by Russ Ramsland  interviewed above)

Went in 12/6/20  with Russ Ramsland – captured forensic of:

–  Dominion Master tabulator in county building

– CF cards

– Data cards/Thumb drives





Chain of custody broken

Dominion system manual tells you how to connect to the internet

System logs and adjudication logs have been deleted

No meaningful audit can be performed

Files removed  on Nov 4, 2020 at 11:03



Must demonstrate error free data for 22 months [as Dr Shiva noted here]

In Michigan, 38 other counties use the software


Filed a motion to allow release of the report
Granted; Published on Dec 14, 2020
[Viewable here]
[Deperno’s report is included in Sidney Powell’s 270 page report starting
at page 94]


Information would show CEO of Dominion in testimony before MI senate –
was not telling the telling the truth


Conclusion of Ramsland report which Deperno initiated:
“We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and
purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and
influence election results. The system intentionally generates an
enormously high number of ballot errors.”


Machines have a 68% error rate
Error ballots go to adjudication


Nov 4, news broke Anterim County flipped


Antrim county was not certifiable based on what the machines spit out
on election night.
Requested full audit of the county


Dominion Manual tells you how to connect the machine to the Internet


Candid Video – Eric Coomer
Director of Product Strategy and Security
Dominion Voting Systems


Talks about wireless chip sets used to connect to the Internet

Dominion supports a variety of them.

Supports all Cellular Networks (Verizon, ATT, etc.)

[Chanel Rion – OAN News Reports Coomer made comment:
I made F***ing  sure Trump won’t win
[Video here]

Matt DePerno –


Manual – how to connect machine to Internet

1.28 55

Graph – Michigan vote spike [viewable here]


Mike: This is the biggest fraud, biggest crime against Humanity



Michigan Under siege
Dana Nessel – Michigan Attorney General – Threatens disbarment for
attorneys challenging elections.






When government threatens those challenging election results Tyranny,
Totalitarianism (fascism)

Around Nov 20 Also threatened Michigan state legislatures – would
investigate and bring criminal charges

Why did Michigan state legislatures refuse to look at evidence, or say
they haven’t seen any evidence

Nessel violates Mi professional conduct – she should resign

[Note: DePerno;s teram also determined the vote flipping was not a human error as claimed by Michigan Secretary of state, but a program running on voting machines. More in our review of the Navarro report here]


Mary Fanning

National Intelligence Researcher and

– Presents the eponymous “Absolute Proof” evidence:
– Forensic logs of votes being stolen 
Captured by Hammer and Scorecard [Though the tool is not named]
– Documentation of Foreign interference
– Number of votes removed from Trump
– Forensic footprint of affected computers
– This was an act of war from foreign adversaries


Cyber Security Experts began collecting info Nov 1

Documented before during and after the election

2995 counties in real time

[Sample of chart Part 1  Part 2 (indicates number of votes stolen)]


What you will see is documentation of foreign interference in the

Access types:

– False Admin accounts

– Broke through the firewall

– Sometimes both

-Final column – shows  votes changed


Over 66% of intrusions from China





[Note: This info from Hammer and Scorecard is the “Absolute proof”]
Mike – Each one is its own timestamp that this is the 100% Proof…

Mary: “This is forensic evidence of foreign footprints as they entered
our elections in a cyber-warfare attack on our election. And then is
shows exactly what they accomp… – where did they come from, which
computer they came from, exactly the time stamp, which computer they
entered into, and what state, which county, the ID, the unique ID…
And then it shows the votes that they stole from Donald Trump. This is
proof positive; this is documentation of a cyber-attack. But it also is
documentation of the footprints of those who entered our elections.”
Mary Fanning


There are thousands of pages [of these logs which are evidence.]

We see this as coming from China, in many cases from Huawei, Alibaba
cloud service, China Unicom, from Ucloud, from China mobile, … this
also came from Iran as well

“It also documenting exactly the votes, the vote totals that were
stolen from Donald Trump.”
Mary Fanning



Mike: Mary you said there’s a video you want to show?

Mary: “This is the documentation, the proof positive by cyber-experts
within this country that began documenting the theft of our election.
They put together the full documentation of every vote beginning on Nov
1st. So again from before, during and after the election,
they documented the foot prints of the foreign intrusion into our
election. That means that foreign adversaries really – because this was
an act of war to come in and steal the election from the American
people, and decide who our foreign adversaries were going to put in the
white house to rule, or to be the president of this country.”
Mary Fanning





Now there’s a video…

[Demonstration of Hammer and Scorecard – view video at 1:43:15 if site unavailable
For more on Hammer and Score, see the presentation on WVW titled, “General McInerney, Mary Fanning And Alan Jones Announce Covert Operation of Real Time Proof of 2020 Cyberwar and Voter Fraud“]

Every line represents the IP addresses of what I just showed you on
the chart
[Sample of chart Part 1  Part 2]

Red lines china

What you’re seeing are the files being sent and received

For every line on the map – there’s a corresponding line on the sheet
And the color and the line types represents the severity of the attack
Red has been the most severe attacks. Those lines are all coming out of



This same type of information was presented to former FBI director James
Comey by a whistleblower in 2015.
They knew our election machines were open for hacking

They steal the vote at the transfer points
That’s what you’re watching


Gen Thomas G McInerney


The most massive cyber-warfare attack in history


“You have just seen the most massive cyber-warfare attack in the
history of mankind.”
Gen. McInerney


“We now  are seeing the largest domestic enemy we have in our history.
And people must understand that.”
Gen McInerney


“We now are faced with something the military has never seen before,
nor have the American people. We are going against globalists who are
not interested in America. They are interested in us becoming a
socialist, communist state. They talk about progressivism, but
progressivism is just a front door to communism. They want a global,
communist world. And you must understand that, America.”
Gen McInerney


[What] I could not understand was,  that the legislatures,  The
judicial, and the executive – meaning the FBI, the Dept. of Justice,
the intelligence community, have failed us. With deep-staters. They did
not report this. This was the most massive cyber-warfare attack – so did
cyber command; did the national security agency; did the CIA did the
Dept. of Justice, the FBI report this? No.
Gen McInerney


Mike: “You’re 100% that this was the biggest cyber-attack in world
history, correct?”
Gen: “That’s correct”


Terry Turchie

Former deputy assistant director of counter-terrorism division of the FBI


Mike: Where is the FBI, the DOJ during these months?

Terry: A lot of former agents asking that too.

FBI – they’re probably as compromised as the democratic party and the rest of
the government. They simply didn’t do the job.
If they did, all you just showed would have unfolded in a courtroom.
That’s what we should be doing


Mike [Summary:]
“Now you’ve all seen absolute proof of the biggest cyber-attack in
Mike Lindell


Right now, It’s a takeover of our country. We all see it happening and
now you see the proof of where it came from and what happened.


Share with everyone.
Soon everyone will see, including 9 Supreme court justices.

♦♦♦ ♦♦♦ ♦♦♦

2/11/2021 – Link to WVW presentation Hammer and Scorecard 
2/17/202  – Clarification of Hammer and Scorecard data

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