The Transfascist War on Christianity

Trans Day Vegeneance 4/1/23

In good News Speak fashion, the Fascists of the Democratic party label themselves with a word that conveys the opposite of what they are. Claiming to be “Anti-Fascists” today’s  Antifa, the Brownshirts of the Democratic party, play the same violent thug role for Democrats that the Brownshirts played for Hitler. What do you get when you cross a Fascist with a radical Transgender activist? You get a TransFascist whose radical anti-Christian, anti-American ideology compels them to violence against Christians primarily, and America in as far as America is reflective of Christian values. The TransFascist are now out in the open, having planned a “Trans Day of Vengeance” protest in front of the Supreme Court in Washington DC on April 1, 2023 that has since been cancelled.

If the “Trans Day of Vengeance” doesn’t open your eyes to violence in the heart of transfascist, it should be blatantly apparent with the massacre of 6 people, three children and three adults, at a Christian school by a transfascist former student, female, who now identifies as a transgender male. Audrey Hale slaughtered 6 people in her transfascist rage against Christians. Hale left a manifesto on why she went on a killing rampage. But as Carlson points out in the video below:

“We can’t see the manifesto in which the killer explains why she killed.
Why is that? It’s not accidental. You know exactly why it is.
Because it would make the obvious undeniable:
The transmovement is targeting Christians, including with violence”
Tucker Carlson 3/28/2023

Yes, it’s no accident that the manifesto is being hidden. As one from whom exculpatory evidence was hidden, Rod Blagojevich states:

“The side that covers up the truth is the side that’s lying”
Rod Blagojevich on Tucker Carlson Tonight  3/30/2023

With the confirmation of all the lies and coverups revealed last year, it has become clear that lying and hiding the truth have become the standard mode of operation for the corrupt shadow government of the United States. And now we have another example of their tacit approval of the war against Christianity: the massacre at a Christian school and their cover-up for Transgender ideology. The US government refuses to release the manifesto of the killer – a manifesto that we know she wrote because she told her friend about it.

The illegitimate Biden and the anti-gun, anti-second amendment left once again show blatant disregard for Christians, the rule of law and the constitution as they appropriate this tragedy to push further  gun control laws. As Carlson put it:

“Yesterday’s massacre did not happen because of lax gun laws.
Yesterday’s massacre happened because of a deranged and demonic ideology
that is infecting this country with the encouragement of people like Joe Biden.”
Tucker Carlson 3/28/2023

“Deranged and demonic” sum up Transfascist ideology nicely.

Tucker Carlson Tonight 3/28/2023


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