Pfizer – An Evil Empire Exposed

Pfizer - gain of function - directed evolution - evil empire

We’ve been reporting the truth about Covid-19 and the dangers of the associated mRNA vaccines since the beginning of the pandemic and the obvious mishandling of it by governments around the world. While the main stream media were telling you lies and colluding to cover-up the truth we’ve reported the truth those in power prefer you not hear. Nevertheless we reported the truth, that Covid-19 originated in Wuhan China, that the mRNA vaccines are often times lethal, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths, and that Covid was created illegally in a Wuhan lab, sponsored by the U.S. in defiance of laws against gain-of-function research.

While the main stream media covered for Pfizer and lied about these things, Big tech acted as  the police, enforcing silence via deplatforming, for accounts with a large social media presence who defied he narrative. But after daily reports of blood cots, strokes, myocarditis, atheletes dropping dead, some of the deceived are beginning to come around and admit the truth: what they believed were lies. “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams is one   who is finally acknowledging the truth. Since he now has concerns about the many side-effects (actually dangers) of the vax, Adams admits the anti-vaxxers were correct – they won. You can view his acknowledgement here.

And while they probably won’t admit it now, here is another truth that deceived vaccine supporters would rather not admin: Pfizer is the home of an evil empire. There is no other way to put it. Pfizers action directly or incorrectly cause the deaths of millions. But that’s not their concern. Their concern is how they can keep “cash cows” like Covid vaccines alive and well and making money for them, even though they’re killing people.

Don’t believe it? Watch the following segment from Tucker Carlson (1/26/2023) who reports on the video by Project Veritas who released a video showing a Pfizer exec admitting that  Pfizer has been involved in gain of function research in order to keep producing useless vaccines to keep the buckets of milk from their cash cow – Covid-19 vaccines – flowing. To impress a date, Pfizer exec  Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer Director, Worldwide R&D Strategy Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning admitted in an undercover video that:

1 Covid was engineered in Wuhan and escaped the lab. “It makes no sense that this virus popped out of nowhere.”

2 Pfizer has been conducting gain of function research which they call “directed evolution” to produce more viruses to make more vaccines,  and thus make more money.

3. Covid was, is and will be a “Cash cow for Pfirzer.

4. They don’t want the public to know what they’re doing .(Since it is immoral, illegal, and could possibly cause another deadly pandemic.)

5. There’s a revolving door of regulators that go from being a regulator of the industry, to being a paid employee of the industry.

As Carlson summed up the practice with regulators, “we just promise to pay the regulators, and they don’t regulate us anymore.”

Since Pfizer wouldn’t comment, Dr Malone, inventory of mRNA technology did, and he stated the technology has failed – Pfizer cannot produce vaccines fast enough to get ahead of the viruses.

Sound impossible? Do you suppose “Pfizer would never…” Well they would, and they have. View the statements from Walker yourself in the video below.

Tucker - Pfizer exec Covid admissionsJordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer exec in under cover video, Tucker Carlson 1/26/23

And like any evil empire, there’s plenty of evidence of their malfeasance:

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