SARS Cov-2 Corona Virus Closeup

Table of Contents for Covid Articles

Confirmed: Vaccines Don’t Work on Omicron
Covid vaccines had limited success to begin with. Now evidence demonstrates the virus has mutated far enough from the original strain the vaccines were designed for, the current vaccines are ineffective against Omicron.

Covid – Vaccines – What the Government doesn’t want you to know – Part 1

    • Dr Dan Stock Current Covid Policy is not helpful
    • Dr Zelenko – the many dangers of the vaccine
    • Whistleblower: 45,000 deaths after vax – attorney Thomas Renz law suit
    • Lifenews: Increased risk of Death and Infertility after Vax

Covid – Vaccines – What the Government doesn’t want you to know – Part 2
Statements by various Doctors:

    • Covid Vaccine = Microscopic blood clots guaranteed – Dr Charles Hoffe
    • A view of changed blood cells after the Covid Vaccine injection
    • Warning: mRNA vaccines could cause death within 5 years Dr Shawn Brooks
    • Masks don’t work

Covid – Treatments – What the Government doesn’t want you to know – Part 3
The U.S. Government is hiding the effectiveness of a number of Covid-19 treatments in order to push ineffective, but profitable (to the drug companies) vaccines. Listed are a number of approaches to effectively treating Covid-19, starting with the Zelenko protocol.

Covid – Vaccine Deaths – What the Government doesn’t want you to know – Part 4
The Covid vaccines have been confirmed to cause an auto-immune reaction from the body that causes the immune system to attack internal organs like heart, lungs, liver, brain leading to death. Dr Sucharit Bhakdi explains data present by Dr Arne Burkhardt on autopsies he was requested to do on people who were vaccinated, but did not die of Covid. Confirmations of their conclusions by Dr Michael Palmer and Dr Shawn Brooks are linked.

Hundreds of Thousands of Vaccine deaths Hiding in Plain Sight – Covid Part 5 
Insurance companies have raised the alarm that deaths from all causes have increased 40%. A 10% increase is a once in 200 years disaster. This is a 40% increase. The medical community has no answer because clearly, they review to acknowledge the role of the toxic Covid vaccines

Covid Part 6 – A U.S. Funded Bioweapon
Covid is an “unrestricted” bioweapon from a lab in Wuhan, China that was conducting experiments on bat corona viruses, and had been doing so for some time, funded in part by money from the U.S.
Government signed off by Tony Fauci.

Dr Robert Malone – Mass Formation Psychosis – The Banned Interview
The inventor of mRNA vaccines, Dr Robert Malone, is interviewed by Joe Rogan and discusses the vaccine and other things, among them: mass formation psychosis. This interview was quickly banned on You Tube.

Fact Check Covid-19: Truth and lies exposed by Dr Simone Gold and others
Dr Simone Gold corrects a number of lies circulated early concerning Covid and responses including:

    • The purpose of Masks and their effectiveness
    • Contrary to public policy, Lockdowns are not helpful
    • Lies concerning HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine)
    • Vaccines are safe and necessary for everyone

Fact Check: Is Omicron as Deadly as Biden indicates?
On December 20, 2021 Joe Biden said that the unvaccinated faced a “winter of severe illness and death” due to the Omicron variant.

This is refuted by Dr Angelique Coetzee, the South African doctor who first spotted the new
Covid variant Omicron who reports that the variant is less deadly and symptoms tend to be mild. Also by Dr Scott Atlas, Healthcare advisor to president Donald Trump and a member of Trump’s White House Coronavirus Taskforce, who indicated the symptoms were wild and that pandemics end because the virus becomes more infectious but less lethal, which has happened with the Omicron variant.

MRNA Covid Vaxs are killers – “Until Proven Otherwise”
Cardiologits Dr Peter McCullough and Dr. Aseem Malhotra separately reach the same conclusion – that the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines are killers until proven otherwise.

Should you get the Covid Vaccine? Dr Bhakdi – No
Dr Sucharit Bhakdi outlines the damage done to the vascular system and the devastating effects to health.

A separate report By Drs Tenpenny, Northrup and Dr Larry P. back this up.

Taking the Killer Covid Vax: Akin to Drinking the Kool-Aid
The debate is over. Covid vaccines not only do not prevent either being infected with Covid-19, nor do they stop or prevent its spread. Rather, taking the Covid vaccines – particularly taking multiple shots, is similar to drinking the Kool-aid.

Your Compromised Immune System, Compliments of the Covid Vaccine
The Covid vaccines actually make your immune system less able to resist Covid variant infections. This video explains why