Absolute Proof – OAN airs Documentary on Election Theft

Absolute Proof - documentary on election theft

One America News (OAN) has scheduled to broadcast multiple airings of “Absolute Proof” a documentary on the election theft of the 2020 presidential election by My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell.¬† The shows are set to air on OAN at the following times on Saturday and Sunday 2/6/21 and 2/7/21:

8 AM ET | 5 AM PT
11 AM ET | 8 AM PT
3 PM ET | 12 PM PT
7 PM ET | 4 PM PT

We will provide a list of evidences covered and a link to view the broadcast after it airs.
View preview trailer here.

Updated 2/10/21
The above referenced list of evidences and viewing link have been placed  in this separate article:
Absolute Proof – Evidence Summary

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