Fact Check: Did Biden and the Democrats steal the 2020 Election?

Biden illegitimately takes the oath of office of president


Did Joe Biden and the Democrats steal the 2020 election from Donald Trump?


There are widespread allegations that Joe Biden, with the help of democrat operatives and some RINO Republicans, stole the presidential election from Donald Trump. These allegations are not simply going away (see this video from Rand Paul as to why), despite denials by democrats and them calling it “the big lie” and a conspiracy theory, along with their main stream media supporters and cheerleaders doing likewise. Regardless, there are substantial, serious and unanswered charges against the 2020 election being a “free and fair” election. And the charges are not going away because there is massive evidence that demonstrates that on election night, November 3, 2020, Donald Trump had a massive insurmountable lead over Joe Biden. Then, as if on cue, key swing states claimed to shutdown for the night. But they didn’t shut down, they were secretly counting illegal ballots. This was even caught on videotape in Georgia. When they re-opened, massive amounts of votes for Joe Biden had been dumped into the system, giving Joe Biden a slim lead, which was maintained by using software to manipulate the votes, such that each Trump vote was weighted at .7 and each Biden vote at 1.3, thus allowing Biden to maintain his razor thin margin until the end for an apparent victory.

True or False?

True. Biden and the democrats did steal the 2020 election.

These claims and the evidence have been verified by multiple professionals, attorneys and people using multiple disciples. The evidence has been reviewed by Computer forensic experts, statisticians and mathematical analysts. Those professionals are in addition to the hundreds of witnesses to voter fraud, many of whom signed affidavits under penalty of perjury testifying that their accounts of the voter fraud was accurate. (Many of the affidavits are linked at Here Is the Evidence.)

Degree of Certainty

Certain (100%)


1. Findings of the Navarro report

Our fact check of the Navarro report confirms both the claims of the various types of frauds democrats perpetrated to execute the steal, and the primary findings of the report. The two most significant findings being:

  • The weight of evidence and patterns of irregularities are such that it is irresponsible for anyone – especially the mainstream media – to claim there is “no evidence” of fraud or irregularities.
  • The ballots in question because of the identified election irregularities are more than sufficient to swing the outcome in favor of President Trump should even a relatively small portion of these ballots be ruled illegal.
    Peter Navarro – The Navarro Report – The Immaculate Deception

One need merely look at states identified below such as Georgia and Pennsylvania where correcting one key aspect of the many frauds perpetrated (for exampled disallowing the votes scanned in secret after hours in Georgia with no witnesses which is illegal) is sufficient to rightfully return that state’s electoral votes to Trump. That combined with the massive mail fraud perpetrated in each state is alone sufficient to determine the election was stolen. But of course there’s much more evidence. Let’s start with this summary of the fraud from Rudy Giuliani, who was heading Trump’s legal team, to the Arizona State Legislative body investigating election fraud:

“I asked, you might note, all your witnesses…to estimate the number of ballots, that went through, mail ballots that went through without any observation by a republican. Because that’s completely illegal. That’s the central part of their conspiracy, because they did that in every other state. They did it in
Pennsylvania. They did it in Michigan. They did it in Nevada. They did it in Wisconsin. And they did it in Georgia.”

[Note: he’s speaking in Arizona, which is included since he started with “they did it in every other state.” Also he goes on to estimate from the witness testimony, that there were 769,903 unobserved mail ballots, that were therefore illegal votes in Arizona.]

“It can’t be an accident if they did the same thing. And they did it in the big cities where they could manipulate the vote better. Not in the whole state. Same plan. Same pattern. Same thing.”
Rudy Giuliani – Arizona State Legislative hearing, 11/30/20 (video)

But the democrats were very thorough in their fraud preparations. They were not about to leave something as important as the presidency up to a single method of fraud. So they used many. Former white house advisor Peter Navarro summarizes them and their impact below.

2. Summary from The Navarro Report part 3

Following is a summary of estimated votes stolen, per swing state, as reported in part 3 of the Navarro Report.

Summary - Stolen votes by state
Summary of stolen votes, per swing states, From the Navarro Report Part 3

Please note the slim margins Biden won by. Why is that? That’s because democrats calibrated the number of votes they needed. That’s why they had to stop counting. So they could use middle of the night vote dumps to catch up to Trump’s massive lead.

3. Vote fraud that alone flips the state

In the above chart, Dr Peter Navarro lists a number of types of fraud in each key swing state that were perpetrated in the state to amass the needed hundreds of thousands of illegal votes. But there are certain types of fraud that are so massive, that correcting it alone (removing the fraudulent votes from that category) flips the state back to the correct winner, Donald J Trump. Some of those are:

  • Rudy Giuliani: Illegal ballots under the table fraud
    Giuliani states that in Georgia, (where there is a video of them secretly and illegally scanning votes after hours after having asked republican observers to go home), that there were 120,000 illegal votes scanned at that time, which shows as a huge vote spike. Correcting that fraud alone flips the election back to Donald Trump.
  • Rudy Giuliani: Mail-in ballot fraud
    As noted above, Giuliani identifies mail-in ballot fraud as the central part of the conspiracy to steal the election from Trump. This was accomplished by pushing through legislation to decrease mail-in ballot security, and simultaneously manufacturing millions of illegal, invalid mail in votes. This occurred in all six key swing states.
  • Peter Navarro: Rejection Rate Manipulation
    Navarro points out that in Georgia, the rejection rate for mail-in ballots (which typically runs a few  percentage points of the total since people forget things like their address, or to sign) fell from 6.8% in 2016 to a mere 0.34% in 2020, even though there was a massive increase in mail-in voting. Using historical rejection rates for mail-in ballots, and removing those illegal ballot alone flips the state back to Donald Trump.(video )
4. Documented Vote Decreases used to steal the 2020 election

Counting votes is an additive process. Vote tallies should always increase. In a fair election they should never decrease. But that is precisely what happened to votes for Trump in the key swing states. It has been documented that votes were both deducted from Trump and added to Biden. This has been documented by at least two separate groups:

The Data Integrity Group
The Data Integrity Group documented 430,000 votes removed from Trump in PA alone. (For further detail, here is the full testimony of the Data Integrity Group given to the Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Elections.)

Dr Shiva Ayyadurai
Dr Shiva is an expert on pattern recognition and mathematical analysis. He explained to the Arizona state legislature the algorithm that removed votes from President Trump and gave them to Joe Biden. The votes were linked such that Biden’s votes were weighted at a value of 1.3 and Trump’s at .7, effectively swapping votes from Trump to Biden.

Dr Shiva did another analysis, which was presented in the Michigan hearing. He demonstrates that the normal graph of election votes results in a parabola. The graph of the Michigan election is a straight line. How can that happen? It’s possible with a weighted race algorithm operating as described above in Arizona.

Hammer and Score Card
See below on the theft captured by Hammer and Score Card

5. Documented Vote Spikes used to steal the 2020 election

Col Phil Waldren, a computer forensic expert, explained that the progress of the vote could be mapped, (similar to what Dr Shiva did), and the graph should show a smooth increase. If you get a sharp spike, that’s the tell-tale sign of ballot dumping vote-fraud: huge numbers of illegal votes added into the system. He also explained that the votes added were beyond the physical capability of voting machines ability to count them. So it was literally impossible for them to have been added legally.

6. More Votes than Voters

Using numbers from their own secretary of state, the Pennsylvania legislature determined there were 205,000 illegal votes, with more than 200,000 more votes that voters. The law makers sent a letter to republican leaders to oppose the “official” election result for Pennsylvania. Having more votes than voters is of course impossible in a fair election.

Apparently, this discrepancy was later dropped as an issue. The charge was based on the number of voters in the SURE database versus the number of ballots cast. County officials contend the actual vote count is not based on the number of registered voters in the SURE database, and that the database is not updated as promptly as vote counts, so there may be a discrepancy during an election – that doesn’t effect the count. For more detail see here.

Note the basic charge – fraudulent votes – is still valid. This report notes there are 3.9 million contested votes. If the 205K were included in that count, it would merely drop the contested votes to 3.7 million. Keep in mind that in the 6 contested states, the margin of victory (supposedly) for Biden is a total of 626K votes, a small fraction of the 3.9 or 3.7 million contested votes.

7. Clearly Illegal Manipulation of Ballots

There are multiple accounts of illegal ballot handling that were used to steal the 2020 election. Here are just a few:

The evidence is clear, overwhelming and irrefutable: The democrats stole this election. And they know we know they stole the election. So they’re trying to use every means possible to get us to stop saying it: (Using the military to intimidate, calling those speaking the truth liars, labeling it a conspiracy theory, etc.) But threats, lies and intimidation do not change the truth. Donald Trump won the 2020 election in a land slide. And the democrats stole it from him.

8. Democrats are acting like they stole the election. Government agencies are complicit

If the 2020 presidential election was really a free and fair election, why are they (Democrats, Supreme Court, DOJ) unwilling to look at the evidence to prove it? Dr Shiva asks three key questions below:

Dr Shiva - questions that must be asked if you want to end practices used to steal the election

Where are the ballot images? Because as Jovan Pulitizer has testified, ballot images can be examined to determine if they’re legitimate are not. Why is everyone who is telling us it was a “free and fair election” are also refusing to produce the ballots for examination? Why are election officials destroying ballot images upon notification they’re going to be audited? Particularly when it’s illegal to do so for 22 months after the election. Why is voting machine manufacturer Dominion making agreements with local election official to silence them and prevent them from revealing anything about dominion and refusing examination of the software or machines – even under a FOIA request? If they have nothing to hide as they claim, why are such agreements necessary?

The obvious truth is, they’re acting like they stole the election and executed a coup. And they’re acting that way because they did in fact steal the election and execute a coup. All the democrat actions post-election are signs of a coup: Millions of illegal votes; votes that are mathematically impossible to be legitimate (See testimony of the Data Integrity Group,  Dr Shiva,  the Drop and Roll video below, and the Philly Legislatures above); militarization of the corridors of power (Washington, D.C.), crushing dissent by censorship to try to get people to stop talking about it, and taking steps to lock in fraudulent election practices in order to stay in power forever. And none of the governmental bodies designed to protect the nation and stop such illegal activities (DOJ, FBI, Supreme Court, politicians (honest or corrupt) etc.) appears interested enough to stop them in the future, much less acknowledge the steal and return the presidency to the legal winner of the election: Donald J Trump. Welcome to the U.S. after the coup.

9.  Hammer and Scorecard forensic capture of foreign actors stealing votes from President Trump

In his documentary “Absolute Proof  – Exposing Election Fraud and the Theft of America by Enemies Foreign and Domestic” Mike Lindell offers the forensic evidence of traces or data foot prints captured by the forensic tool known as Hammer and Scorecard. The data captures thousands of attacks and lists details such as the IP and MAC address of the attacker; the target PC MAC (typically attacked are servers where votes are stored); and how many votes were deducted from President Trump.  To see the documentary and a summary of the evidence see our article on it: “Absolute Proof – Evidence Summary

♦♦♦  ♦♦♦  ♦♦♦

Echoes and References

Hard evidence for the above listed frauds follow. For this article, also included are evidences of the big picture, included to show that the supposed “win” for Joe Biden just does not add up. Consider them as points to ponder.

Hard Evidence:

The Georgia ballots-under-table 120,000 vote steal

Georgia election official sent home observers and illegally scanned votes after hours

Giuliani: Mail-in ballot fraud: The central part of the conspiracy to steal the election

Giuliani sums illegal ballots (769,903) and explains the mail-in ballot theft

Peter Navarro: Rejection Rate Manipulation

Peter Navarro explains correcting the rejection rate in Georgia alone flips that election to Trump

The Data Integrity group: Vote decreases (Impossible in a fair election)

Break down by county and absentee votes shows Trump lost 432,116 votes in Pennsylvania.
Losing votes, or having vote numbers decrease is impossible in a fair election.

Dr Shiva: Votes deducted from Trump; added to Biden

Dr Shiva Ayyadurai – Arizona Testimony on vote swapping.  Archive

Col Phil Waldren on vote spikes: the signature of vote fraud

Col Waldren: reveals a 570K spike for Biden in PA while Trump received 3.3 K votes

Georgia vote spike graphedVote Spikes - evidence of vote dumping - another way to steal the election
Georgia spike of 120K+ or more votes during after hours shutdown with no observers

Pennsylvania Legislature: There are 205k illegal votes. The election was stolen.
205,000 more votes than voters - dems steal the electioni
Pennyslvania legislators find 205,000 illegal votes, agree election stolen, send letter opposing certification (Video)

♦♦♦  ♦♦♦  ♦♦♦

Perspective Evidence: Looking at the Big Picture

Stealing the Most Powerful Republic in the World | (Archive)

Drop and Roll – How they stole the 2020 Election – Impossible vote ratios | (Archive)

Biden’s win – Has the hallmarks of a coup. See Drop and roll above for some
of the mathematically impossible voting data referenced.

Why do they want to destroy ballots?
Destroying Ballot Images is Illegal

Why does Dominion not want to answer questions or have their machines examined?

Dominion signs an agreement to prevent disclosures regarding their machines or the software

Winning vs stealing an election:

Crowd at a typical Biden Rally
Crowd at a typical Biden Rally
Crowd at a typical Trump rally
Crowd at a typical Trump Rally
Winning vs steal the election
When you steal an election, you need razor wire and military enforcers
Biden Election stats we're supposed to believe
Biden couldn’t get 50 people to see him even before COVID. Lost all 27/27 House “Toss-Ups”, Lost 18/19 Bellwether Counties, Lost Ohio, Florida & Iowa, Won a record low 17% counties, & had less Black & Hispanic support… But we are to believe he shattered the popular vote record!

Evidence from Hammer and Score Card as presented in “Absolute ProofAbsolute Proof - Mike Lindell Documentary of election theft
Absolute Proof – Evidence Summary

Concluding Comments:

Democrats and useful idiots will continue to claim that the fact that the 2020 election was stolen is a lie and a conspiracy theory. What they won’t do is produce the ballots, the voting machines and the software for forensic analysis. They won’t put the testimonies of the hundreds who signed affidavits before a court of law for a judgment on merits, instead of evading the issue with rulings on standing. In other words, they will continue to refuse to do the very thing that would make the claim go away. This can’t be seen in any other way but as an admission of guilt. Surely if the election were free and fair as they claim they’d do all they can for the half of the country that believes it was stolen to convince them otherwise, wouldn’t they? Their refusal to give access to evidence that would prove claims one way or another is yet another piece of evidence proving the election was stolen.

The evidence is crystal clear: Joe Biden and the democrats stole the presidential election. They also stole the two senate seats in the Georgia run off election. Courts have already begun to declare that various categories of votes that were counted for Biden were illegal.  Joe Biden will go down in history as having gained the United States presidency illegally with massive help from an all-too-willing corrupt democrat party aided by corrupt RINOs. He will be regarded as an illegitimate leader, reduced to using the tactics of a dictator: massive displays of military force against citizens, censorship, ruling by fiat instead of consensus, use of a secret police force to protect “the state” (a concept separate from the United States of America), and encouraging citizens to spy on one another, etc. He will preside over a corrupt political party increasingly beholden to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) just as he is. He will remain beholden to a communist party that is doing everything it can to be the lone super power in the world. The CCP is doing its best to bring the United States to her knees.  With this act of theft, Joe Biden is helping them. If this travesty of an election is not corrected, it appears there will be no way to stop the onward march of the CCP and the steady decline of the USA.

♦♦♦  ♦♦♦  ♦♦♦


2/11/2021   – Link to Absolute Proof – Evidence Summary added
2/15/2021  – Replace video deleted by YouTube – Stealing the Most Powerful Republic In The World 
12/31/2021 – Update PA 205K vote discrepancy controversy (Item 6 above)

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