Chronicles of the End Ch 05 – Destruction of Justice – Weaponized for Witch Hunts

It has long been recognized there is a two tiered justice system in the United States of America. High placed criminals like Hillary Clinton, and Hunter and Joe Biden are not even investigated much less charged, indicted and tried. This has long been recognized, and the uni-party political system here in the U.S. has done nothing about it, and thus apparently is okay with this unjustice as the status quo here in America.

But since the theft of the 2020 election that put Joe Biden as the figurehead of the U.S. executive branch, the deep state actors behind Biden have left no stone unturned to make sure any hint of talk of a stolen election was quashed. Further, people close to the president from the previous administration have a target on their backs as do all who publicly voiced their opposition on January 6th to the clearly stolen election. Those at the capitol on that day were arrested, held without bond, and often without even being charged, both violation of their constitutional rights.

But that was just for started. Democrats want to both make a spectacle of those who oppose them while at the same time striking fear into the hearts of those who oppose them. To that end they have adopted the tactics of Nazi Germany to go after their political opponents whom they consider enemies, and thus treat them as enemies and prisoners of war. Do you think this case is over stated? Consider the following case examples. Many more could be adduced to drive home the point, but these should be sufficient to make clear the pattern, and the despicable tactics of the Biden Administration.

Made an Example of: The Arrest of Peter Navarro.


Navarro Arrest Summary:

Federal agents arrest Navarro, a 72 year old former white house adviser, at Reagan National Airport In Washington last Friday (5/27/22)

  • They Did not call lawyer as is customary
  • They didn’t come to his house – few feet from FBI building
  • Instead took him down in public as you would a fugitive terror master mind
  • Hand cuffed, put in leg irons, and put in a cell, now facing years in prison

Why? – He resisted a subpoena from the January 6th committee.

  • He resisted it because he had nothing to do with it. (Not disputed)
  • As the former president’s adviser he was under executive privilege
    (Note: as the author of The Navarro Report, a three part detailed expose of how the Dems stole the election, obviously he’s a target.)

The January 6 committee demanded he surrender private (and thus privileged) conversations with his former boss president Donald Trump.
– When he refused, Congress voted to hold in him in contempt in a partisan vote
– Merrick Garland’s justice department filed criminal charges against Peter Navarro

Tucker: This is not the way civilized countries operate. You don’t get to throw your political enemies in jail. That’s not what you do in America, that’s what you do in Haiti – but that’s what we’re doing now.

Peter Navarro not the only example:

  • Steve Bannon also arrested for a similar fake crime
  • The Media is not pushing back – instead they’re gloating.
  • So the Media really are your enemies

“Laws, to be legitimate, must be applied equally across the board.”
Tucker Carlson

Attorney General Merrick Garland agrees with that.
But that’s not what’s happening.

Examples – Unequally applied laws:

  • 10 Years ago this month Eric Holder was held in criminal contempt of Congress.
  • Holder refused to comply with the subpoena from congress.
  • Was Holder arrested by the FBI? Of course not, not even considered.
  • The Reason – Holder cited executive privilege – the same reason Navarro is citing, and got away with it.

Navarro filed suit against the subpoena and cited the DOJ written policy allowing executive privilege.

If someone asserts executive privilege, at the very least congress doesn’t get to arrest them. Before anyone is arrested, they have to go to a judge to rule on whether or not executive privilege is valid in this case.
Tucker Carlson

This is not what happened in Navarro’s case, they just arrested him at National airport.
So this is not about Navarro or Bannon.

“What we’re seeing is  a massive escalation in the use by the democratic party of our justice system for partisan revenge. That’s exactly what that was. Peter Navarro wouldn’t shut up, so they threw him in handcuffs.”
Tucker Carlson

In contrast:
Michael Sussmann lied to FBI. The FBI and justice department did nothing.
The FBI pretended to be outraged by the lie, then we learned the FBI was working with Sussman.
In fact, Sussman, a democratic lawyer, had a badge to get into the FBI building.

“They send an unmistakable message: We can get you anytime, anywhere, on any grounds we choose. You can’t touch even a single one of ours.”
Ben Weingarten – The Federalist

Sussmann is not the biggest example of the crime of lying to the FBI. Others:

Compare to the military raid style arrest of Roger Stone – for defying the democratic party whose arrest was recorded by CNN due to a tip-off.

While Navarro was put in Jail, lawyers working to free BLM rioters trying to incinerate cops were having charges dropped.

In California, a BLM rioter Tony Walker who executed 19 year old Berkeley student in a racially motivated attack that no one disputes. Sounds like a hate crime, but Merrick Garland’s justice department did not pursue hate crime charges. Instead they cut a deal and sentenced him a single charge of voluntary manslaughter.

“Nothing destroys the legitimacy of our institutions more than politicized law enforcement. You can’t have that. Justice must be blind.”
Tucker Carlson

“The Jan 6 Show trial now has a TV production Crew” (Carlson)

By arresting Navarro they’re hoping to shut up one of its most vocal critics before it begins.

Peter Navarro Interview:

“…A partisan committee has weaponized the investigatory powers for the purpose of preventing Donald Trump from ever getting back in the White House.”

“They subpoenaed me illegally. I was faced with the untenable choice of upholding executive privilege – which was not my privilege to wave. That’s Donald’s Trump’s privilege to wave. So I did my duty to the president, I did my duty to this country, and here we sit.”
Peter Navarro

Navarro: In the civil suit I filed, which I hope will be historically important because there are two constitutional issues at stake:

The first – the weaponization of Congress’ investigatory powers – appears to be a violation of the separation of powers in our constitution. The legislative branch is not supposed to be the judge, jury and executioner.

The Bigger issue, this is where the department of Justice and committee was so disingenuous – Navarro asserted executive privilege – prevents him from complying with their subpoena. Dems didn’t discuss with Donald Trump as the law required, instead they went to the fanciful and absurd notion that Biden, a sitting president had the power to strip his immediate predecessor of executive privilege, and Navarro, a staff member to the president, of testimony immunity, which the Justice department has affirmed. It’s absurd on its face.

Tucker – I want to get to the center of it – Did you have anything at all to do with Jan 6?
Navarro – No – you had that exactly right.

“The mission of that partisan, witch hunt, kangaroo committee which is unduly authorized and not properly constituted and has no subpoena power – they have only one mission: to concoct a fake hoax around January 6 based on criminal charges against Trump to prevent him from running for re-election and taking back the white house on 2025 January. That’s all this is about.”
Peter Navarro

Navarro had alerted the FBI, told them where he was. Yet The FBI selected a different course, took him like he was an Al Qaeda terrorist.

“You can’t arrest people for political reasons. It’s very simple. … I think this is a huge change in the way this country operates and I wanted to note that.” (Carlson)

Victor Davis Hanson Sums it up – The Rule of Law is Gone In the U.S.

Victor Davis Hanson Interview Summary:

There are Two messages:
1. Deterrence (aimed at Christians and conservatives) There will be selective prosecution/arrest for non-left, which emboldens and empowers the lawless left.

2. This is not a society ruled by law; Rather it’s more like in a revolutionary period – like 18th century France, or 1920s Russia where laws are fluid.

The Law abiding like:

  • James O’Keefe,
  • Peter Navarro,
  • Roger Stone
    Results: The FBI comes down on you

Contrast Lawless:

  • Holder Refuse subpoena ,
  • McCabe Lied under oath
  • Brennan, Clapper also lied
    All with No consequences, no investigation from the justice department

For the left: The ends justifies the means.

May 31 2020, Leftist insurrectionists torch the historic church, attempt an attack on White House, the president was sent to a bunker and very little consequence as compared to Jan 6. So the law is very fluid.

That’s part of left ideology in ascendance now:
If you’re part of a particular (non-left) ideology and you’re accused of breaking the law you’re going to be treated very differently.

(End Interview)

On the road of political attacks leading to violence against a despised group.

KristallNacht was a targeted attack on a group that was hated. Can such an event be far away in this country with a two tiered justice system and with those in power expressing hate (as above) against those who oppose them? Following is a reminder of what happened in Germany just prior to the holocaust.

“The night of the broken glass was the natural culmination of a political party and
regime that preached violent antisemitism.”
Guy Walters
Author and Historian

KristallNacht – “the night of broken glass” was a night of planed violence against a despised group: the Jews. Hitler groomed the German people to hate the Jews. How?

  • It started with verbal intimidation
  • Then Jewish businesses essentially seized
  • The next step: a national day of outpouring of violence against the Jews

KristallNacht was claimed as a national uprising, but it was actually government
manipulated and planned event.

Think it couldn’t happen here? Consider:

  • Democrats are silencing their opponents. (Don’t dare speak of the “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was stolen).
  • They’re arresting political enemies. (Like Navarro, Bannon mentioned above)
  • They’re allowing churches and pro-life centers to be burned. (White house press sec. says burning of pro-life centers is not big news like burning a black church.)
  • They’re allowing fiery, yet supposedly “peaceful” protests which burn businesses, courthouses, vehicles and large parts of cities. (Below)

How long before they allow targeted, government sanctioned attacks on those who oppose them and disagree with them?

Consider the Riots of the Summer of 2020, driven by BLM and other rioters. Many people are already primed for violence – as were the German people. Is the U.S. really that far from a KristallNacht on American soil?


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7/2/22 – Minor corrections

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