Chronicles of the End Ch6 – Revelation of the American Police State

Trump's Mar-a-logo estate

The United States of America used to be a place where justice and liberty ruled the land and was promised to all. Where the star spangled banner waved over the land of the free and the home of the brave. Where laws and the constitution constrained the powers of any one person or organization to prevent them from going rogue and trying to amass all power to themselves since “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Such a description of the U.S. is no longer the applicable. As previously documented, the United States is no longer a land of equally applied laws, but one of a two tiered justice system, one for the deep state currently in power, and a separate one for those who oppose the regime in power.

The American Police State has been operating for some time. What’s different now is that they’re no longer trying to hide the fact that they’re acting like a police state run by a dictator controlling a  banana republic. All the hallmark indicators are there:

  • Stolen Elections
  • Refusal to allow the examination of questioned ballots, practices, and the manner in which the various elections were conducted
  • Silencing (or arresting) Opponents
  • Stealing from the populace in the form of ever increasing taxes to support cronies, supporters and partners in crime who are currently in power as well as spending obscene amounts on pet projects like fighting “climate change”.
  • The chief executive not working through the legislature, but issuing executive orders like fiats rolling off the tongue of an emperor.
  • Establishing a police force that enforces not the law, but the edicts of the regime and exists to keep that regime in power. In the past such forces have been called by names like the Praetorian Guard (Rome) or the Schutzstaffel, more popularly known as the SS (Germany). In the U.S. Today they go by the name “FBI” – Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The latest indication that the FBI has taken on the role of the enforcer for a police state, and no longer care that people know it, is the recent raid on the home of the 45th president, former president Donald Trump. At the time of the raid Trump was the expected opponent of the illegitimate President Biden. Yet in an unprecedented move that indicates the deep state is no longer trying to hide behind the appearance of being a law abiding, neutral, justice seeking law enforcement agency,  under the direction of U.S. attorney general Merrick Garland, they raided the home of former president Donald Trump in Mar-a-lago, Florida.

Ostensibly the raid was over documents in Trump’s possession that the National Archives and Records Administration say were classified and needed to be returned. Trump, while acting in the capacity of the sitting president, had authority to declassify any and all documents under his sole authority and discretion. And he said he did so. Further his attorneys were in discussion over the documents in the months prior to the raid. Clearly the raid was not over the documents. You don’t need 30 police state agents with guns knocking on your door, if all you’re seeking is the conclusion of a legal discussion that’s been going on for months.

While the exact reasons for the raid are unknown, it is clear the FBI was on a fishing expedition on behalf of the illegitimate Biden regime. Whether for evidence he allegedly participated illegally in the events of January 6th, or some other evidence to concoct a charge to keep him off the ballots in 2024 it is unclear. What is clear is the actions of the FBI were those of a regime’s enforcement arm protecting the regime. At Mar-a-lago that evening, those who are armed and wearing the markings of legal authority were protecting those in power, much like the Roman Praetorian guard protected Rome as Steven Miller opined. Miller goes on to outline the many scandals and illegal misinformation campaigns that the FBI ran or allowed:

  • The Hillary Clinton email server scandal – 33,000 emails under subpoena deleted – no investigation, no chargers
  • The Russian Collusion Hoax – the FBI knew from the beginning it was a hoax, but they allowed it to continue.
  • The (first) Impeachment Hoax – over a legitimate call concerning Biden corruption
  • The Russian Bounties Hoax
  • The Hunter Biden Laptop Disinformation campaign – lying by saying it was Russian disinformation. (See Zuckerberg’s confirmation that the FBI claimed it was Russian disinformation below)

Echo of Steven Miller’s Statement – the FBI – the new Praetorian Guard of the American Police State:

If there is any question that the FBI has been acting like a rogue Praetorian Guard doing the bidding of the illegitimate president and his cronies and regime, you need merely look at the fact that none other than Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has admitted to personal knowledge of illegal interference in an election by the FBI. The FBI falsely led Zuckerberg and Facebook to believe the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation suggesting he censor the story. Not only was the information from the FBI false, but is is illegal for them to attempt to influence an election in that manner. (In post voting surveys, many people acknowledged they would not have voted for Biden if they had know about the Hunter Biden story.)

Echo of the Mark Zuckerberg’s statement:

The American Police State is here. If, as Miller said, there is not overwhelming support for removal of the current illegitimate regime and all the cronies helping in high places and low place, then American’s should get used to the increasingly intrusive police state – as 87,000 armed IRS agented are being prepared to be loosed on middle class America.

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