Fact check: Is Biden Answering Questions from a Teleprompter?

Biden - I lost that line

Statement in Question: Is Joe Biden using a teleprompter to answer questions?
Background: Many have charged that Biden, who is clearly experiencing cognitive issues, with responding to questions using pre-supplied answers from a teleprompter – or audio prompter in his ear. This obviously has the further implication that the questions have been previously supplied, but that’s another story. This is a very serious charge that’s been totally ignored by the main stream media (MSM) because of it’s chilling implications. Clearly the President of the United States cannot be tethered to a teleprompter while dealing with foreign leaders or business leaders – or really anyone. Therefore the use of a teleprompter or audio prompter as a crutch while campaigning is a strong indication that Biden is unfit for the office of president of the United States. And were he to take the office, the actual role of president would be under control of not Biden, but far left extremists using Biden as a puppet. (What else can one conclude if he cannot answer questions by himself?)
True or False: True
Degree of Certainty: Very High
1. Biden spokesperson confirms Biden has used teleprompters for speeches, but more tellingly, another spokesman refuses to answer the question of whether Biden uses a teleprompter. If he isn’t, why not just say so?
2. Teleprompters have been seen either directly or in reflected images,.
3.  Biden on multiple occasions seems to refer to it, or the person operating it, stating things like “Let’s move it up here” (Move what up?  The next line on the teleprompter apparently.), “I lost that line” (What line?)
4. These cannot be considered mere “gaffs.” With his “I’ve been in the senate for 180 years” statement, Biden either misread the teleprompter, or his well known mental decline is getting worse.

Echoes and References
Images of the teleprompter:

Biden - TeleprompterBreitbart

Biden Teleprompter - Gateway PunditThe Gateway Pundit

Biden spokesperson acknowledges Biden uses a teleprompter for speeches:
Hannity 9/15/20

Biden spokesman refuses to answer whether or not Biden uses a teleprompter.
(If he doesn’t why not just say so?)
Ingraham Angle 9/11/20

Evidences from Biden Himself

Biden tells off-camera person to “move it up”
Hannity 9/8/20

Biden:  “I lost that line

Biden indicates he’s been in the Senate 180 years 


11/15/2020 – Title

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