Fact check: Did Biden Accuse Trump of Xenophobia for the Virus Travel ban?

Drew Holden has pointed out there were a lot of “facts” that went unchecked during the first presidential debate between president Trump and Joe Biden on 9/29/20, and decided to check them. This, the first in a series, provides further evidence for his fact checks.
Drew Hold fact check

Statement in Question: Biden called Trump Xenophobic for implementing a travel ban when Trump learned about the China corona virus. Outlets like CNN performing fact checks on the statement essentially claim Trump was misleading, stating “this [claim] is lacking context.”

The day that President Trump announced the travel ban Joe Biden announced this was no time for Trump’s record of “hysterical xenophobia.”

True or False:
CNN’s statement of “lacking context” is false, and Biden did make the accusation against the president.

Degree of Certainty:
  Very High

  The context is clear: Biden made it on the day the travel ban was announced. Biden, not understanding the seriousness of the Covid virus as the president did, was clearly looking to score a blow against president Trump. The series of events ending with the China travel ban and Biden leveling the xenophobic charge makes it clear that the context of Biden’s statement was in reference to the newly announced travel ban on China. The charge is otherwise meaningless. Further, as Drew Holden points out, Biden responds to Trump’s tweet on the travel ban with his “xenophobic” comment. (see below). There can be no doubt that Biden made the comment in reference to the China travel ban.

Echoes and References:

Summary from Drew Holden:
Drew Holden Xenophobia Charge by Biden Summary

Biden’s statement to the media January 30, 2020
(Fox News 9/9/20)

Biden’s tweet calling Trump Xenophobic:
Biden calls Trump Xenophobic because of the China Travel Ban

Here is Bill O’Reilly’s comments on the matter:
“There is very little fairness in the national press about Donald Trump.”
(Bill O’Reilly, 3/18/2020)

Concluding Comments:  Chris Wallace and the national media are working hard to help Biden and hurt president Trump. The bias is obvious. O’Reilly is correct: there is little fairness in the national press about Donald Trump – if any.

11/15/2020 – Title

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