PSA: Powell files Kraken suits: Michigan, Georgia

PSA – Public Service Announcement:
Sidney Powell’s files “kraken” suits in Michigan and Georgia

Big Tech and Big Media have been colluding against President Trump since he won in 2016. The latest efforts are focused on hiding evidence of the massive vote and voter fraud committed in the 2020 election. They are also pretending the fraud that happened is an inconsequential conspiracy theory with no evidence. All of that is false. It’s not mere theory, it’s not inconsequential, and it’s false that there’s no evidence. Sidney Powell intends to prove that in court with suits that will have the effect of releasing the “kraken.” Big Tech and Big Media don’t even want you to see the filings. It has been requested (as in the tweet below), to upload copies elsewhere. So presented here are both the law suits and summaries of the evidence that Powell has, along with links to the court filings.

The Request to Upload the filing Documents

The Law suits:

Georgia: The Kraken is released on Georgia (mirrored here) (GA on Sidney’s site)
Michigan:  The Kraken is released on Michicagon (mirrored here)  (MI on Sidney’s site)
Michigan Court Exhibits

A Summary of Evidences

11/15/2020 Sidney Powell Summarizes evidence to Eric Bolling on “America this Week”

Content Summary of interview with Bolling: 

  • Trump Team – facing an election that was absolutely rigged 0:20
  • Complicated Mathematical alterations to the votes – we’ve identified the system capabilities :28
  • Works through Dominion Company machines – in 30 states 0:42
  • It does indeed alter and flip votes 0:50
  • How do you know this? Is there proof 1:15
  • I’m not going to stand by and let the American people be defrauded of their chosen leader 1:50
  • It was designed with a backdoor – people could watch in real time and calculate how many votes they need to change 2:10
  • People fed up with corruption at every level of government 2:35
  • Votes can be watched real time, An algorithm can manipulate votes to flip, remove or alter votes to make a candidate win 3:20
  • There’s a way to change vote tallies within the system 3:45
  • Bolling: “That would be voter fraud defined.” 3:58
  • Powell: “It’s massive, criminal voter fraud writ large across at least 29 states. It could have been happening anytime a voting machine was connected to the internet and we have evidence many were..” 4:05
  • It’s obvious from the algorithm and the statistics experts are tracking 4:25
  • It’s going to blow the mind of everyone in this country. 4:40

11/19/20 – Sidney’s statement of evidence during the Trump Team News Conference regarding Dominion voting systems (Hardware) and  Smartmatic Software

Content Summary of statement during the Guiliani news conference

  • Created by order of former Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez 0:36
  • Witness Affidavit – filed by Lin Wood – who saw the machine operate 0:51
  • When he saw the multiple shutdowns election night he knew that’s what was happening 1:26
    states shutdown
  • Most prominent feature of the software – the ability to flip votes 1:50
  • Trump won by such a wide margin, it “broke” the algorithm for Biden to win (By “broke” she means that the Trump votes were so great, the Trump vote count exceeded the ability of the algorithm to give Biden sufficient votes for a win.) The overwhelming votes for Trump is what caused them to have to shut down – in order to bring in more votes through the back door 2.17
  • Pristine paper with identically matching, perfect circle dots 2:25
  • Corresponds to Statistical Evidence 2:48
  • Corresponds to Eye witness testimony of those witnessing ballots coming in the back down 2:55
  • Dominion execs can’t be found 3:00
  • Dominion Toronto office shared with a Soros entity 3:10
  • Dominion Ties to Ties Clinton organization and other politicians 3:35

Begins Quoting from a letter regarding foreign ownership 3:45 —

    • There are foreign ownership issues 4:00 (Sequoia voting machines)
    • Antonia Mugica a Venezuelan businessman has controlling interest in Smartmatic 4:30
    • Smartmatic associated with hostile-to-US Chavez government 5:00
    • Electronic voting machines are subject to tampering 5:27
    • This info – from Letter 10/6/2006 to Hank Paulson from congresswoman Carolyn B Maloney 5:50

End quotes from letter—

  • Senators Klobuchar and Warren raised concerns as recently as Dec 2019 6:00
  • Technology exported to Argentina 6:25
  • Smartmatic patent holder Eric Coomer states to Antifa he rigged the election for Biden 6:45 video
  • Wide spread use – Dominion used in 2,000 jurisdictions in 30 states 7:25
  • Uncertifiable in multiple states (i.e. Texas) who realized the problems 7:30
  • Experts – including those in a Princeton group – describe end user vulnerabilities 7:45
  • Users can set vote ratios – how a vote is weighted example: Biden vote= 1.25; Trump .75  7:50
  • Probably run across the country 8:10
  • Only discovered because of the large number of votes for Trumps that forced a shutdown so votes could be “back-filled” 8:20 (due to aforementioned Trump landslide that the algorithm couldn’t handle)
  • Evidence of the same unique 6 digit number being inserted multiple times in 2 states 8:35
  • Software manual advertises these “features” 9:00
    (Sidney encourages all to read the software manual (available here)
  • Machines easily accessible to hackers 9:20
  • No oversight of Dominion or election workers 9:30
  • Election workers trained to dispose of Trump votes, add to Biden votes 9:45
  • Drag and Drop votes, Mathematical evidence this was done 9:50
    Side article: Dominion systems manual: “Results files can be deleted by the user.”
  • Two way fraud: Worker Drag and Drop and Algorithmic vote flipping 10:15
  • Mugica admits changing 1 million votes 10:35 (Washington Post Story)
  • Criminal Investigation Warranted 11:00
  • “Benefits” to those who spent 100 Million to buy Dominion systems 11:15
  • Last minute purchases of Dominion systems in time for 2020 election 11:25
  • “Election Insurance” purchased by politician 11:30
  • Texas denied certification 2019 11:45
  • There’s no doubt it’s been used to alter elections in other countries 12:15
  • Venezuela exported it for that purpose to Argentina and other Latin American countries 12:18
  • This is stunning, heartbreaking, infuriating and the most unpatriotic acts 12:35
  • We will not be intimidated 12:55, 13:10
  • Sidney: “President Trump won by a landslide, we are going to prove it.” 13:16

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11/27/20 – Link to Chanel Rion Video about Coomer
11/27/20 – Link to Michigan Court exhibits

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