Fact check: Is there evidence of vote fraud-massive or otherwise-in the 2020 Presidential election?

Question: Is there evidence – massive or otherwise- of vote fraud in the 2020 Presidential election?

Background/Context: The Trump Administration, Republicans and conservative news outlets have claimed wide spread vote fraud in the 2020 election, particularly in contentious, swing states. The outcome of some of those key states such as Pennsylvania, Arizona and Wisconsin will likely determine the outcome of the election.

The Biden team, Democrats and left leaning commentators have already conceded voter fraud has occurred by couching the question in terms of “massive”, “wide-spread” or “systemic” vote fraud instead of just “vote fraud.” They claim that “massive vote fraud” has not occurred, apparently content with the fact that some vote fraud has occurred. Both types will likely soon be demonstrated in the courts.

Their attempt to move the goal posts and equivocate on the term will not help their cause, because with the evidence already available it is easily discernible that both vote fraud and massive vote fraud to benefit Joe Biden, and steal the election from Donald Trump has occurred. There are already many people who have given sworn testimony to that fact.

True or False: True. Both vote fraud and “massive” vote fraud have occurred. The fraud was carefully coordinated and planned by the Democratic party in an effort to steal a victory (likely a landslide one) from Donald Trump.

Degree of Certainty: Certain

Reason: There are multiple lines of evidence.
The Lead up: Democrats attempted (and were often successful) in changing the voting laws to allow the  unconstitutional practice of accepting late ballots.  They also worked to remove voting safe guards such as signature and address verification.  They used Covid 19 as an excuse to implement last minute widespread mail in balloting, a practice known to be rife with vote fraud, with many ways to accomplish the fraud.

The Execution: In one sense execution has been running at least since democrats began petitioning courts to change the voting rules to make elections less secure. But the bulk of the fraud occurred the day of the election and after when fraudsters executed their various tactics to steal votes from Donald Trump and other republicans like John James.  Vote stealing tactics include:

Election Fraud Evidences

  • Preventing vote watchers from watching the count. Access for the watchers is required to by law. This allowed fraudsters to use unverified, illegal votes in the hundreds of thousands. (You read that correctly – hundreds of thousands.) In fact in some locations they covered windows so what they were doing could not be seen.
  • Stopping the count on election night when Donald Trump was ahead. This allowed them to see how many votes they needed to pull from their stock of pre-prepared Biden votes and ship into the counting center overnight. Affidavits have been signed by many vote watches stating they were prevented from observing the count.
  • Many of the votes in question (at least 450,000) have votes only for the presidential race (for Biden),  and none for downstream races. (For senators, congressmen, etc.)  Apparently they didn’t have time to complete entire ballots and therefore skipped filling in the other races. This leaves the odd situation of Republicans doing well in downstream races (picking up seats in the House of Representatives for example), but falling behind at the presidential level.
  • Reports of vans with boxes of ballot boxes have been reported arriving after hours at the key democrat controlled counting locations.
  • There are many reports of people voting who were either dead or moved away. Also many ballots went out by mail to people who didn’t request them. Many are unsure what happened to such ballots.
  • Software was employed to change votes from Trump to Biden. This software was loaded the day before the election, or the day of the election – which is against election rules. To insure the integrity of the counting machines, machines that have had changes or updates applied cannot be used until the machines have been checked and verified accurate after the update.
  • Ballots that came in after election day, which Judge Alito of the Supreme court has said cannot be counted, have been counted.
  • At least one US Postal worker has a sworn affidavit that postal supervisors instructed workers to backdate late (Illegal) ballots so they could be counted. (As others are revealed, we’ll update.)
  • There are reports of votes for President Trump found under a rock and in dumpsters.
  • Some people report being instructed by election workers to vote for Biden. (That’s illegal at voting facilities.)
  • Viral Video of Georgia election fraud – ballots hidden under a table and counted unobserved
  • For additional articles see here

Evidence from the Election Fraud Hearing in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania November 25, 2020 

    • Obvious spike in vote count representing an injection of 570,000 votes for Biden while Trump received only 3,200 votes
    • Due to an apparent digital injection of illegal votes, votes were tallied by machines faster than the machines are physically capable of counting them. (Machines counting much fasting than their capabilities is physically impossible.)
    • 682,000 votes counted in Allegheny county without the mandated observer (All ballots tallied without an observer are suspect and should be thrown out.)
    • 1.5 million mail ballots were mailed out, 2.5 million were counted, where did the extra 700,000 com from?

Evidence from the Election Fraud Hearing In Georgia State Senate Hearing, December 3, 2020

    • Viral video from surveillance video at State Farm arena where counting was conducted for the Georgia election showing partisan observers forced to leave, having been told counting was done for the night. After they were gone a small crew of counters pull four containers from under a black table filled with ballots. It is though each container held 6,000 votes. It is alleged many ballots were counted multiple times.  Why were ballots hidden under a table? Why the cloak and dagger of forcing observers to leave so they could be counted in secret without observers to verify whether the ballots appear to be valid ones?

Powell “Kraken” filings

Echoes and References:

For other articles with further evidence, see here
See below for Echos (videos and social media postings) of the above articles

Sidney Powell – Massive Vote Fraud, manufactured votes – Dead people voting, fraudulent votes created, Computer Software used, Doug Collins John James also victims of fraud.


Sidney Powell – Millions of votes injected for Joe Biden, vans deliver ballots.
(On Lou Dobbs 11/10/2020)


Below: Corey Llewandowski: Prevented from watching, pending law suits, PA ballots not segregated per court order. (On Lou Dobbs 11/10/2020)


Sean Hannity – Affidavits – Sworn testimony of election interference, irregularities or fraud.


Below: The President’s attorney Rudy Giuliani: Fraud in 3-4 possibly up to 10 states, improper to concede at this point.


Below: Laura Ingraham: Cites a number of problems: Vote observers with a court order in hand to have access to view still being denied access, Dead people and people who moved out of state voting, and Trump votes found under a rock.


Incorrect Instructions to Voters


Lindsey Graham: Predicts  that Trump will win; outlines the affidavit sworn by a postal worker stating postal supervisors were instructing workers to back date late (illegal) ballots so they could be counted.


Software was used in multiple states to flip votes from Trump to Biden.
The below testimony is by Dominion contract employee Michelle in Detroit Michigan.


President Trump describes the extent of the problem:


Affidavit: Election workers coaching people to vote for Biden, don’t check for ID, don’t look for problems with the ballot.


Evidence presented at the 11/25/2020 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Fraud Hearing organized by PA Senator Doug Mastriano: spikes in vote count representing illegal injection of votes at one time: 570,000 for Biden; 3,200 for Trump.


Viral video of GA surveillance tape showing ballots containers pulled from under a table and counted after observers were forced to leave.


For further evidence, See  articles:

Pennsylvania Bombshell: Biden 99.4% vs. Trump 0.6%
Stunning testimony that the media has dutifully ignored.

#ElectionSteal: Call Me a Crank Who Believes in Liberty

Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling


How it Happens:

Rod Blagojevich – former Illinois governor – explains what happens democrat controlled strong holds.


Representative-Elect Marjorie Taylor Greene-How democrats are trying to steal the election, and what they’ll do once in power. How to help: stopthebidensteal.com


PragerU – How to steal an election with Mail in ballots

Concluding Comments:

Eric Metaxas sums it up this way:

There is no question that there was massive vote fraud perpetrated against President Trump, Republican candidates and the American people by democrats desperate to win at any cost, even if it means destroying the once exemplary voting system of America.  Media outlets still claiming there is no evidence of either vote fraud or “massive” vote fraud are not worthy of your attention to them as a news provider since they are obviously not doing their job and worse, they are not interested in truth since this evidence is out there and plainly visible for anyone who cares to look. (Which is part of the job of a journalist.) Individuals who claim there is no evidence of either vote fraud or “massive” vote fraud, are either lying or ignorant. Point such people to this page.

11/12/20 – Updated Dominion software reports, Metaxas summary
11/15/20 – Title
11/28/20 – Link Sidney Powell evidence for Georgia and Michigan
11/30/20 – Evidence from 11/25/20 PA Fraud hearing added
12/9/20 – Video from 12/3/20 GA hearing – Ballots pulled from under a table
–  Additional articles linked.
1/13/21 – Replace platform deleted videos

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