Hundreds of Thousands of Vaccine deaths Hiding in Plain Sight – Covid Part 5

Covid-19 Vaccine Biohazard

40% Increase in All Cause deaths – clearly Vaccine Deaths

We’ve echoed alerts from many doctors warning about the fatally flawed Covid-19 vaccines. They warn that due to a number of design flaws in the vaccines, taking the vaccine leads to a high probability of vaccine death. Among the warnings are those from Dr Bhakdi here; from Dr Hoffe here; and Dr Brooks here. They’ve warned of the numerous deleterious effects of the vaccines which can cause permanent damage and death. As a reminder, those dangerous outcomes are listed again below. But first, the evidence that they were correct in their warnings.

A life insurance company – whose business it is to know exactly how many people die and when –  has raised the alarm that we’re seeing a 40% increase in deaths from all causes in what is supposed to be the group of healthy, working people: the 18 – 64 year olds. Dr Aaran Keriaty put it this way in the below clip from Ron Johnson’s Covid Second Opinion Physician conference:

The disastrous fruit of this myopia include an unprecedented 40% increase in all cause mortality among working age adults 18-64 over the last year. Most of which 2/3 – 3/4 depending on the state – was not related to Covid. Actuaries tell us that a 10% rise in all cause mortality is a once in 200 year disaster. This was a 40% rise. Our public health establishment has no answer for what caused that.

The medical establishment is not addressing this disaster for the same reasons that they denied the effectiveness of the known to be safe, and long used drugs hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin against Covid-19 and instead forced an expensive (and thus very profitable), experimental, gene therapy toxin instead. And to insure higher profits for themselves and big  pharma, with the help of greedy and corrupt politicians, they forced mandates on as many groups of people that they could – even trying to force the poison on young children.

A 40% increase in all cause mortality is of course a disaster, and the only change common across the country is the widespread use – by force in many cases – of the Covid vaccines. With the big bucks involved and at stake, of course they got their crony media liars to deny vaccines had anything to do with the deaths. But Dr Keriaty’s point remains: the public health establishment has no answer to the 40% increase. We know it wasn’t Covid. If it wasn’t the widespread vaccines, what was it? The pushers of an unnecessary vaccine cannot answer the question without exposing their corruption and complicity in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people who trusted them with their health and lives.

Following for your review and reference:


Dr Aaron Kheriaty, Prof of Psychiatry – UC Irvine on the 40% increase in death


Tucker Carlson discussing with Charlie Kirk the 40% increase in death identified by OneAmerica Life Insurance


Methods of Vaccine Injury

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi explains here:

  • The vaccine does not stay localized to the injection site – it is spreads throughout the body via blood vessels
  • It is presented first to cells lining the blood vessels
  • These cells start producing the virus imitating spike protein, which is intended to cause the immune system to fight the virus.
    But existence of the foreign spike protein coming from a cell in the body causes the immune system to fight not just the virus, but the producer of the virus – the cell (which is producing the foreign spike protein under the instruction of the Covid vaccine) is also attacked.
    This causes a number of immune reactions:
  • Platelets see the spikes on the cells and start the clotting reaction.
  • Killer lymphocytes see the cells producing the spike protein as a compromised cell since it is producing the foreign spike proteins and attacks and kills any cell producing the foreign protein. This attack against the body’s own cells happens regardless of where the offending cell is found – be it heart, brain, lymphatic system etc. Naturally as the the immune system attacks the cells producing the foreign proteins, first the cells, then the entire organ producing the foreign protein is compromised, and eventually fails – often with fatal consequences.

These well understood bodily reactions cause predictable bodily injury:

  • Severe Thrombotic events (blood clods in the veins) which lead to:
     – Cerebral venous thrombosis when in the brain – which has already been seen.
     – Pulmonary embolism – if breaks off while in a vein and carried to the heart. 

Lists of injuries and diseases to expect from the Covid vaccines:

  • Dr Sucharit Bhakdi: Diseases to look for due to vaccines:
    The immune system response described above can compromise the lymphatic system which is the watcher that the initiates responses to infections in the body. With that system compromised, previously well checked viruses are allowed to be expressed and multiple in the body. This leads to outbreaks in:
    -Various viral based diseases including:
    – Herpes
    – EBV (Ebpstein-Barr Virus)
    – CMV (Cytomegalovirus)
    – Tuberculosis
    – Toxoplasmosis
    – Cancer
    -Infectious mononucleosis
    – Many other viral infections
    – Damage increases with each shot; and the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues more vigorously.
  • As described in the method of injury above Dr Bhakdi explains here the bodily systems that the  vaccine damages:
    – Blood vessels
    – Heart
    – Lung
    – Liver
    – Lymph nodes
  • Mark Skidmore found a causative link from the vaccines to the below diseases and estimates 200,000, to 300,000 vaccine deaths.
    – Neurodegenerative disease
    – Myocarditis
    – Immune thrombocytopenia
    – Bell’s palsy
    – Liver disease
    – Impaired adaptive immunity
    – Increased tumorigenesis
    -DNA damage

In contrast, according to Skidmore, the official government position as of this writing is that Covid-19 vaccines caused 9 deaths.

  • Dr Michael Palmer
    Dr Palmer confirms the findings of Drs Bhakdi and Burkhardt. He indicates the Covid-19 vaccines can cause or lead to:- Defense system breaks down (which leads to:)
    – Reactivated virus outbreaks
    – Immune suppression
    – Myocarditis in young
    – Heart attacks in elderly (which may actually be caused by undiscovered myocarditis in the elderly)
  • Dr Charles Hoffe
    Dr Hoffe explains that since the vaccine is circulated through blood vessels, the cells surrounding the vessels take up the vaccine, and start producing the foreign spike proteins, which causes an immune response. This results in:

– Blood clots (Inevitably), tiny clots in the capillary network, detectable only by the D-Dimer test
– Pulmonary artery hypertension, which usually results in right-side heart failure (and death) within 3 years
– Damage to heart, brain, lungs; damage may be permanent
– The damage is cumulative with each successive shot
– Additionally the vaccines are full of carcinogens, so cancer is also expected (apart from damage due to the lymphatic system)

  • Dr James Thorp:
    Hundreds of thousands of Fetal Deaths Following COVID Death Shots.
  • Dr Ryan Cole
    Uptick in various cancers since the mass injections of the Covid-19 vaccines.
  • Dr Geert Vanden Bossche
    Warns of permanently compromised immune system due to the vaccine.
  • Dr Arne Burkhardt
    Dr Burkhardt is a world renowned and recognized pathologist. He has examined 70 vaccine victims post-mortem and has found conclusive evidence of Auto-immune disease in the vaccine victims which causes auto-immune attacks on the:
    – Heart
    – Lung
    – Liver
    – Thyroid
    – Brain

Obvious  Conclusions

What is clear from the numerous dangers presented by the vaccines is this: vaccine deaths will not present as a single cause, easily traceable single effect vaccine caused fatality. Since the vaccines cause such a wide variety of problems in various bodily systems, there will be a wide variety of causes of death.  So while the 40% increase indicates the deaths are clearly there, they are hiding in plain sight since they are not recognized unless looked for.

Therefore a single cause of “vaccine death” will not be found – which will likely be the misinformation trumpeted by the vaccine pushers who are complicit in these deaths. They don’t want to see these vaccine deaths, so they won’t look for the reasons behind them. And worse, they will deny mass vaccine deaths are happening, as they are denying now. The extent of vaccine caused deaths will only be found if it’s looked for. For those with an untimely death, a special effort must be made to track those who had the vaccine, and correlate the findings of a completed examination (autopsy) when the cause of death is identified to be the Covid vaccines. But since much money will be lost, and much unwanted blame will be placed on the vaccine pushers, we’re unlikely to see such an effort unless it is made by a group independent of the corruption in big pharma, politics and the medical establishment that caused this vaccine nightmare.

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