Covid – Vaccine Deaths – What The Government Doesn’t Want You To Know – Part 4

Covid Vaccines - Why they cannot work

The Fundamental Flaw in Design that Results in Injury and Vaccine Deaths

The mRNA Covid vaccines are intended to induce the body to produce an immune response by creating protein spikes similar or identical to those that are part of the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes the Covid-19 disease. These spikes are recognized by the body as foreign. With that identification the body does indeed produce an immune response to the foreign spike proteins designed to rid the body of the foreign invader. And while one problem is that the response is relatively short in duration (requiring multiple boosters) the bigger problem is that the spike proteins themselves injure the body in a number of ways, perhaps the most serious of which is that they induce the body to produce a long duration lethal response to any cell having the foreign spikes leading to vaccine deaths.

These spike proteins injure the body in a number of ways including damaging red blood cells, but as Dr Bhakdi, who specializes in immunology, explains in the below video, perhaps the most critical way they damage the body is by marking the cell having the spike as a producer of the foreign material, thus effectively putting a bulls-eye on the cell marking it for destruction by killer lymphocytes. Killer lymphocyte cells are designed to destroy cells that are, for whatever reason, producing antigens (in this case protein spikes) which are  foreign to the body. In the case of the Covid vaccines, the cells are producing the antigens because that’s precisely what the vaccines instruct the cells to do in order to produce the immune response. This means that whatever tissue these spike proteins are found in, be they heart, brain, lung, liver, etc. they will induce an immune response to attack those organs. Over time, the organ fails which is why we’re beginning to see high numbers of deaths from those who have taken the vaccine. (See here [1] or here[2].) For more on killer lymphocytes, see Dr Bhakdi’s video here starting at about 20:00.

Additionally, Dr Bhakdi explains that the vaccines are doomed to failure because they induce an immune response in the circulatory system not the respiratory system where it’s needed. SARS-CoV2 is an airborne virus that attacks the respiratory system and cannot be controlled by the defenses in the circulatory system (since it resides in the throat and lungs). That’s why the vaccines are by design ineffective, and why we’re seeing so many “break-through” cases. This is explained in more detail the second video below.


Dr Sucharit Bhakdi explains the evidence that shows the vaccines
cause the immune system to attack body organs leading to death
(Link Archive)


Summarized:  Dr Arne Burkhardt discovers evidence of organs attacked by
the immune system, and the design flaw in the vaccines that make them
ineffective against Covid-19
(Link archive)

For a summary of the conclusions by Dr Bhakdi and Dr Burkhardt, see “On COVID vaccines: why they cannot work, and irrefutable evidence of their causative role in deaths after vaccination

For confirmation of what Dr Bhakdi and Dr Burkhardt have reported, see this review of their data:  mRNA Toxicity with Dr. Michael Palmer

For further confirmation of Dr Palmer’s conclusion on the increasing toxicity when taking multiple vaccines, see the statement Dr Shawn Brooks here


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  1. From Thomas Renz presentation here
  2. From Dr Sucharit Bhakdi presentation above and here

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1/2/2022 – Links to confirmatory data added

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