Fact check: Are Democrats Trying to Steal the 2020 Presidential Election?

Bunded Ballots possibly illegal
Statement in Question:

Are the democrats trying to steal the 2020 Presidential election from President Trump?


There are a large number of charges of vote count “irregularities” and outright fraud with regard to the 2020 presidential election. Trump supporters are charging – and producing evidence – that democrats are systematically cheating in key battle ground states to steal the election.

True or False: True

Degree of Certainty: Absolutely certain

Reasons: Much evidence has already been produced showing thousands of ballots that were found after the deadline (making them illegal) yet counted. inflated voter rolls (dead people counting, more people voting than registered voters, etc.) Testimony from at least one postal worker than a postal supervisor instructed that invalid (received after the deadline) votes be pre-dated to the date of the election so they could be counted. The examples go on and on. Some are below.  President Trump has also charged there are many illegal votes being counted, and has filed many lawsuits to correct the problem. The expectation is the election decision will need to be decided by the (supreme) court.

Echoes and References

President Trump on illegal votes and “manufactured results”

PA Appellate Court orders illegal votes don’t count:
(Clearly the court agrees there are illegal votes that shouldn’t be counted.)
PA Cout sides with Trump - rejects deadline extension for absentee voters missing proof of ID.

Below: Corey Lewandowski on Philly election officials defying a court order to allow access to viewing the court, and the sheriff refusing to enforce the court order.(Why  if everything is above board?)Corew Lewandowski denied access to observe counting

Michigan postal worker whistle blower on illegal ballots:
James O'Keefe speaks with USPS whistleblower about back dated ballots

Tens of thousands of illegal late ballots counted.Tens of thousands of ballots dropped off in USPS boxes in Detroit after election

There’s Censorship on reporting the fraud. (They want to pretend the election is legitimate.) Plus 140,000 consecutive votes for Biden were found in Michigan. (That’s Impossible in a fair election.)
Media censorship and coverup

Philly – 23,000 consecutive votes for Biden? (Not legal votes.)
23,000 consecutive votes for Biden - impossible

Other evidences (no further comment necessary).Detroit voter roll lawsuit - election fraud is real

Seven districts in Milwaukee with more than 100% voter turnout. Two with more than 200% voter turnout.

Letter concerning Nevada non-legal residents

Observers barred from watching vote counts

Concluding Comments:
There is no question that the Democrats have known for a long time that they cannot win this 2020 election fairly.  It is clear they decided early on to cheat their way to a victory. In so doing they destroy trust, and make any official who takes office under such conditions illegitimate.

A closing question:
If Biden thinks all his votes are legitimate, why no Transparency?
Why not allow verification?
Biden refuses to call for election transparency

11/15/20 – Title
2/19/20 – Deleted video restored

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