Fact check: Are there principled reasons to support and vote for Donald Trump?

Statement in Question: Are there principled reasons to support and vote for Donald Trump?

Many voters, particularly religious voters feel they cannot vote for President Trump because he is “unpresidential” or his tweets are unbecoming. Many (mistakenly) claim he lies. I’ve had more than one person ask me how I can vote for Trump? Or, how can a Christian vote for Trump? The assumption is his past behavior or their perception of his current “unpresidential” qualities disqualifies him from the office of president. For Christians I would ask, for the person responding to the Truth of God, what characterizes their life? Is it not a change, a turning away from past sins? If a demoniac can be turned from demons and start following the way of truth and obedience, cannot a New York real estate developer?  Those who have not seen the changes in President Trumps behavior are either not paying attention, or are too blinded by Trump Derangement Syndrome to notice. And for those who are so offended by his “unpresidential” behavior, is that really worse than support for killing babies in the womb at any time? Is it worse than support for the family killing LGBT agenda? Is it worse that than his opponent who sold American Foreign policy so his family could get rich as the laptop emails show? For those so offended by his mannerism, have you never noticed their is gradation of sins? (Matt 23.23, Luke 12.47-48, 1 Cor 3.12-15) Does not the master inform his disciples to stop judging by mere appearances and make a correct judgement? (John 7.24). In this day and age it means you cannot go merely by the fake news media who are censoring what they don’t want you to see. You must avail yourself to all the facts so you can make a correct judgment.  The following references are offered to help you understand both how many people of many faiths (Christian, Jews and others) have reached the conclusion that president Donald Trump is the only candidate who can keep America strong, great, and proud of her great heritage; and keep her from sliding into the morass of left wing socialist decline and despair.

Yes or No? Yes.  Yes there are principled, non-emotional reasons to vote for president Trump

Degree of Certainty: 

Many people have given carefully reasoned responses as to why they support, and will vote for president Trump. Many are listed below.

Echoes and References

Part 1: Reasons to Vote For President Trump

1. From a Harvard educated Manhattanite

Let’s start with a Harvard educated Manhattan woman who wasn’t a Trump fan but after doing the research concluded president Trump came out on top – by a landslide.
Here in summary are here reasons. Details in the article.

2. From Conservative speaker Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro, who didn’t vote for the President last time, is voting for him this time. His reasons:
Ben Shapiro’s Reasons:
1. He was simply wrong about policy
2. Regarding Character, whatever damage he was going to do, has already been done.
3. Most importantly the democrats have lost their F****** minds. 

3. From a Theologian

Theologian Dr. Wayne Grudem gives a very reasoned response to another Christian John Piper as to why Christians for vote for president Trump. (Pictured is Dr. Wayne Grudem)

Part 2: Reasons for voting against Joe Biden and the Democrats:

4. Biden is a life long corrupt politician who has been bought by foreign governments such as the Ukraine and China. Biden has not recognized that China is the biggest foreign threat to the U.S. because he is too busy taking money from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). (Which also makes him a security threat)
Joe Biden is an active national security threat
5. Contrary to their claims Biden and the Democrats don’t care about black lives.

They take blacks for granted, do nothing for them and only want their votes. Obama/Biden offered not expanding jobs for blacks, but an expanding food stamp program. Trump on the other hand has lowered the black unemployment rate to its lowest level, founded traditionally Black Colleges, offered Opportunity Zones and has put forth the Platinum plan.


6. Biden will gut religious freedoms

Do you like your religious freedoms? Like your doctors under Obama care, you won’t get to keep your religious freedoms under a Bidem/Harris administration

7. Biden will keep you locked down.

Biden thinks lock downs work. (They cause more problems than they solve.)
Under a Biden administration, you’ll have no idea when the lock downs will end, if ever, since Democrats view them as a convenient method to control the masses.


8. Rather than stand against the destruction of Antifa and BLM, Biden stands with them.

Biden let American cities burn without saying a word to call off the radical anarchists and leftists. You will not be safe under a Biden administration.

Biden offered no leadership, no calls to stop while American cities burned.
Now he wants to convince you thinks will be different.
Why should we believe he will stop appeasing his anarchist supporters?

9. Joe Biden wants to Ban Fraking and destroy our energy independence.

(Which coincidentally plays well into the hands of foreign governments, some of which have paid him for years.)


10. Biden’s vision for America is dark and Gloomy.
Trump is bright, inspirational, patriotic and uplifting.
Which vision do you want America to follow?

Joe Biden: We’re about to enter a dark winter:


President Trump’s vision of America:
America is a land of heroes


America First

Concluding Comments:

Clearly there are many principled, well considered reasons for voting for President Trump and not for Joe Biden.  It’s not a matter of emotionalism or blindness. If you’ve never seen some of these reasons before, that should tell you two things: 1. You’re looking at the wrong news sources and 2. The main stream media is actively censoring content they don’t want you to see.

If president Trump if re-elected in the coming election and you’re wondering why, above are many (but not all) of the reasons that Americans from all walks of life are standing solidly behind their president and commander-in-chief: Donald J. Trump

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