Fact check: Is Twitter Lying About the Prevalence of Voter Fraud?

Question: Is Twitter Lying About the Prevalence of Voter Fraud?

Background/Context: The Left leaning, anti-Trump, social media giant Twitter has abandoned any restraint and is now outright lying in support of Biden. Twitter, already ripe to have section 220 protections removed for its egregious censorship of conservative content, apparently now feels it can outright lie with impunity in response to a comment from the president of the United States. President Trump made the below statement about voter fraud and a history of election problems. Twitter placed a fact check link on the tweet, and the link directed you to a tweet that said that “Voter fraud of any kind is exceeding rare.”  This is blatantly false, particularly in this 2020 presidential election

True or False: True.  It is true that Twitter is lying about the prevalence of voter fraud.

Degree of Certainty: Certain

Reason: Much evidence has already been revealed including 450,000 votes for Biden that appear fraudulent. For a sampling, see below. The featured picture shows ballots from Arizona found under a rock.

Echoes and References

Part 1. Twitter incorrectly corrects President Trump with False information
  1. President Trump indicates the votes need to be looked at because of fraud.

2. Twitter inserts a fact check comment that voter fraud is disputed if you try to retweet the President’s tweet

3. When you click the “Find out more” Button, Twitter falsely claims that “Voter fraud of any kind is exceedingly rare in the United States.”

Part Two: Much evidence has been presented of Vote fraud being carried out by democrats to steal the election from President Trump
  1. Attorney Sidney Powell reveals “There’s been a massive and coordinated effort to steal this election…”  This effort includes 450,000 ballots found with only a vote for the president, (no other offices voted for), and the vote is consistently for Biden. (A statistic impossibility in a fair vote.)

Sidney Powell discusses the massive coordinated effort to steal the election

2. Vice President Mike Pence said back in August that President Trump was expecting this mail ballot fraud and had already planned to stop it via legal action. Laura Ingraham lists a number of types of fraud occurring during the counting.

Pre-election Mike Pence discusses stopping mail-in ballot fraud;
Laura Ingraham lists many types of ballot fraud post election (11/5/20).

Part 3 How does Voter Fraud Happen?

Here are explanations by former Illinois democratic governor Rod Blagojevich and PragerU
Rod Blagojevich – Time honored democratic traditions of vote stealing.

Rod Blagojevich on democrats stealing votes:
“It’s a time honored tradition in big Democrat controlled cities…”

Rod Blagojevich on the democratic time honored tradition of stealing elections.

PragerU: How to steal an Election: Mail-In Ballots

For further evidence, see the next article,
Is there evidence of vote fraud-massive or otherwise-in the 2020 Presidential election?

Concluding Comments:

In case you haven’t noticed, Twitter is not an objective reporter of truth. It is a highly partisan, left leaning organisation that is increasingly adopting communist and fascist tactics to silence people with differing view points. This is just one obvious example where Twitter is simply outright lying by stating that voter fraud is exceedingly rare.

11/15/2020 – Title

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