What is Kim Klacik’s vision for Baltimore?

Kiim Klacik

Question: What is Kim Klacik’s vision for Baltimore?

In her viral video below, Kim lists a number of problems in Baltimore’s black neighborhoods including:

  • Crumbling infrastructure, Abandoned homes
  • Poverty, Crime
  • Nine out of ten black boys in Baltimore schools are not reading at grade level
  • Over a dozen high schools in Baltimore have zero students who are  proficient in math

Kim Klacik understands the Problems
She has a Vision
Kim has a Plan 

Echoed below are her videos that lay them out.

Baltimore’s Problems: Black lives don’t matter to Democrats
Kim’s Vision:

Kim Klacik’s RNC address (above),  Tucker Carlson Tonight, 8/24/20

Kim’s Plan

Learn more on her site here.
View Kim on Twitter here

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