Fact check: Did Biden ever say he would ban fraking?

Biden: Show the tape!

Statement in Question: Is Biden’s statement: “I have never said I opposed fraking,” True?

Background/Context: During the presidential debate with President Trump on October 22, 2020, Joe Biden claimed, “I have never said I opposed fraking.”  For this debate at least, Biden is denying statements he’s made previously regarding ending all fraking and fossil fuels. If Biden were to win and actually did what he promises, energy states like Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and Texas would lose millions of jobs; and worse, it  make America dependent on foreign energy again. Knowing that, Biden’s handlers do not want their true agenda known.

True or False: False. Biden has claimed numerous times he would end both fraking and fossil fuels.

Degree of Certainty: Certain.

Reason: As the president said, his statements are on tape.

Echoes and References

Below: Biden’s claim he never opposed fraking, and his challenge to the president to put it on the website:


Below,  as Mr. Biden requested, president Trump puts it on the internet
The Twitter Link is here. But since Twitter has been banning and censoring anything that shows Biden in a negative light, here it is a copy:

Biden promises to end fraking prior to presidential debate  Archive

Here it is again from Vice-President Mike Pence – link to the original Tweet.

Mike Pence: Joe Biden asked us to show the tape
Mike Pence: Joe Biden asked us to show the tape  Archive copy

Concluding Comments: With such easily checked facts such as this one, it is clear that Biden has rightfully earned the moniker “Lyin’ Biden.”


11/15/2020 – Title
1/22/2021 – Add archive copies

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