Who is John James and why is knowing that important?

Statement in Question: Who is John James and why is knowing that important?

Answer: John James is a candidate (R) for the US Senate for the state of Michigan in the 2020 election running against incumbent Gary Peters (D).

Background/Context: Democrats have a difficult time getting their agenda items passed. (Their agenda items consists of thing such as : big government, tax and spend economics, and anti-Christian, anti-family policies passed via the normal process of legislation.) Therefore they often rely on the Supreme court to mandate policies they can’t pass themselves. Such was the case with abortion on demand and legalizing so called “marriage” for homosexuals. With another conservative (Amy Coney Barrett) newly appointed to the supreme court by president Donald Trump, they realize their tactic of last resort – force it on people by the supreme court – will likely no longer be an option. Thus they are now hoping to change the rules to make the system work only for democrats. They intend to do this by “packing the court” (increasing the number of supreme court justices until they can achieve a democrat friendly majority), giving statehood to Washington DC and Puerto Rico (thereby adding four new Senate seats to the body, who will likely be democrats, thus tipping the current Republican majority to democrat), and legalizing the millions of immigrants who came illegally to the United Status. Such would also likely vote democratic. To enact such an agenda, they would need to win both the presidency and a majority of seats in the senate. John James is running in Michigan against an incumbent Democrat. A win for James would make the desired democratic power grab more difficult and thus help maintain the freedom envisioned by the founders. The founders never intended for there to be a permanent, one party rule (democrat) system.

Degree of Certainty: Very High

Reason: Both the democrats and John James have made their respective positions clear. Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer has said “everything is on the table” to get things down were the democrats to win both the Senate and the Presidency.

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More On John James and his senate race:
John James is: a West Point Graduate, a Combat Veteran – Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Job Creator.  He’s fighting to help maintain freedoms (constitutional freedoms) as well as fighting for faith and freedom.

Following are statements from him or his campaign:

Who is John James?

Above: John James, appearing on Hannity 10/28/20 with former ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley
Discussing defending freedoms

Above: John James Speaking at a Trump Rally

James has repeatedly pointed out his opponent often skips work.


If you value constitutional rights, want to help workers who have been neglected by the incumbent, want to support faith and family as well as rebuild the American Dream, John James is the clear choice.

Updated 11/2/2020

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