Fact Check Covid-19: Truth and lies exposed by Dr Simone Gold and others

Dr Simone Gold

Statement in Question:

Is the main stream media reporting accurate information about the Covid-19 pandemic?


Ever since President Trump touted the promise shown by Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)(view on twitter) the main stream media have vilified the safe drug; lied and said it was unsafe, and worse, that it wasn’t helpful for curing Covid-19. They’ve also promoted ineffective measures to “slow the spread” such as lock-downs. These are lies, and they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

True or False

False, the main stream media is not reporting information accurately about Covid-19. Most of what they report and promote are lies. Many have speculated on the reasons:  So elites (mostly Dems) could wield power over the people; HCQ is too cheap, drug companies wanted a more expensive cure to boost their profits; Chinese influences are promoting misinformation to help China in their goal of becoming the world’s sole super-power. Whatever the reason, there are many lies commonly  repeated about Covid-19, many of which are exposed below.

Degree of Certainty

Very High


The multiple reasons are listed below.

America’s Frontline Doctors – Doctors actually practicing in the field, seeing patients with the Wuhan virus, knowing the lies that are being told have stepped up to address the lies and correct them. Along with them are are other doctors such as former Trump White House corona virus advisor Dr. Scott Atlas; along with scientists who can understand the many statistics published: statisticians such as William Briggs who has done an entire series about Covid on his blog. Many others have also pointed to hard facts that contradict the lies put out the the CCP influenced left, the main stream media, and politicians looking to control their constituents. Many of those lies are listed below. Dr Simone Gold summarizes the lies told by both authorities such as the CDC and the main stream media in her talk here.

Lies perpetuated about the Wuhan Corona Virus:

        • It’s racist to call it the Wuhan Corona Virus
          False. As Dr Simone Gold points out in the video below, many diseases are named after the places they originate. (Examples: Middle East Respiratory syndrome, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, German measles, Spanish Flu, etc.) This is appropriately called the “Wuhan” Corona virus, since it originated from Wuhan, China.
        • The purpose of masks is to help in preventing the wearer from contracting the Wuhan Corona virus (aka Covid-19).
          False. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the purpose of wearing a mask is to help prevent others from being infected in case you are infected. Masks commonly available to the public are not effective in preventing the wearer from contracting Covid-19.
        • Masks should always be worn when coming into contact with other people to help stop the spread.
          False. This was not the initial position of the WHO (they’ve since changed it, no doubt under political pressure) and statistics don’t bear out a different between mask use and non-mask use. And masks are not effective in helping to stop the spread of Covid-19.This position has since changed, but “the science” as they say, has not. Masks are ineffective in stopping the spread of Covid-19 as the below linked data points out.
        • Masks help slow the spread of the Virus
          False. Data shows there is no different in the spread of the virus whether people use masks or not.
        • Lock-downs help contain the spread of the virus
          False. Both statistical review and a comparison of states strongly locked down for a long time (like California) with those that were not and are relatively open (like Florida) show similar levels of infection (not runaway as you’d expect in non-locked places if lock-downs worked).  Also in other ways the open states are much better off than the locked down states.
        • Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is a dangerous drug
          False. It’s a safe drug widely used for 65 years. In addition to being beneficial for treating Covid 19, HCQ is used in the U.S. for treating Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis).
        • Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is not a cure for Covid-19
          “Cure” can mean different things to different people. The testimony of the Frontline doctors is that:

          • Given early after the infection, before hospitalization is necessary, HCQ combined with Zinc is very effective in halting, and in fact reversing the progress of the disease, returning people back to the healthy state they had before the infection. Most would consider that a “cure.”
          • Deaths from the Corona virus in most of Africa is about one percent of deaths in most other parts of the world. The reason: the widespread use of HCQ – as an anti-malaria drug.
          • Facebook and the American Journal of Medicine admit their stand on HCQ was wrong.

            How many deaths should Facebook be held responsible for for their censoring the truth about the effectiveness of HCQ? Dr Gold sent this update 1/28/2021  Referenced Gateway Pundit Article
        • Current Vaccines are safe and necessary for everyone.
          False. They are not necessary for everyone. Current vaccines are experimental and long term effects are not known. Additionally, there have been many adverse reactions. (See below) Given the high survival rates of those who have contracted the Wuhan Virus, it is ill-advised for most to get the vaccine. See below for survival rates for those who have contracted the disease:
          Survival rates (Per CDC – for those without treatment):
          Under age 20: 99.997%
          ages 20-49:    99.98%
          ages 50-69:    99.5%
          over 70: approaches 95%
        • Covid-19 is too dangerous to allow children to return to in-person schooling
          False. See the above survival rates for children. And the below statements from Dr Simone Gold regarding children:  Children are essentially not at risk from this virus.
        • The vaccine is totally harmless for everyone
          False. See the below for those having an adverse reaction – including death – to the vaccines, which are actually experimental biological agents.


Echoes and References

Dr. Simone Gold Speaks at a church on “The Truth about the Covid-19 ‘Vaccine'”

Archive (In case the above disappears.)

Quick reference to key items in Dr Gold’s talk

  • 2:56 The vast majority of deaths would not have happened if the various treatments available, of which HCQ is only one, were used and not claimed to be dangerous.
  • 3:30 The appropriate name of the virus per historical use – which references the location where it was discovered: Wuhan Virus
  • 4:50 Maligning the safe drug HCQ, a drug used in many countries without prescription, widely used as an anti-malaria drug in African countries.
  • 6:00 American use of HCQ – Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • 6:20 HCQ: An FDA approved drug for 65 years
  • 12:55 Going without a mask
  • 16:15 Vaccine doesn’t actually stop transmission
  • 16:55 Covid Survival Rates (Per the CDC – without treatment)

Under age 20: 99.997%
ages 20-49: 99.98%
ages 50-69: 99.5%
over 70: approaches 95%

  • 17:55 People who die of Covid-19 are “destined” to die anyway due to other factors
    (CDC says 94% of COVID-19 deaths in US had underlying medical conditions
    So the main cause of death is not Covid-19 – but the other factors)
  • 20:40 The Lancet Medical Journal Lie about the study concluding HCQ was dangerous.
    (The article has since been withdrawn because it was proven false.)
  • 23:00 Vaccines are “experimental biological agents”
    Whatever you call it, it’s experimental
  • 33:10 Hard to show and advantage for taking one of the vaccines since the odds of dying from the virus are already extremely low.
  • 47:55 Experimental Vaccine Recommendations – whether to take or not:

Frontline Doctors recommendations on whether to take the experimental vaccine:
Under 20 – Prohibited (48:14 The virus is irrelevant to children)
20 – 50 – Strongly discouraged
50 – 70 if healthy – Strongly discouraged
50 – 70 with comorbidity – discouraged
70 and up if healthy – own personal risk assessment (choice)
70 and up with comorbidity – own personal risk assessment (choice)


CDC to Tucker Carlson 10/14/2020: Masks don’t protect the wearer, it protects others from the wearer.


Below: Initial statements concerning Masks:
Shouldn’t always be worn, and they don’t help stop the spread

  • Above: Data from various countries showing mask mandates do not stop the spread.


Masks do not slow the spread of the virus

  • Results after Nevada mask mandate – cases still rise – as in other places
    • Above: California mask mandates have not appeared to slow or stop the spread
    • Above: Mask mandates in Denmark did not slow the spread


    • Below: The World Health Organization (WHO) has changed position on whether masks should be worn. Initially they stated most people didn’t need them.

For more on the ineffectiveness of masks, see also:
William Briggs: The Cult Of The Mask: Coronavirus Update XLIII:

    • ♦♦♦
    • Lock-downs don’t help

    • Above: A tale of Two Cities, strongly locked down California has not fared better with regards to virus transmission than non-locked down Florida; and in many ways California has more problems and suffering.

For a statement on the harmfulness of lock-downs see also the Great Barrington Declaration

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    • Concluding Comments:

      The Wuhan Corona virus pandemic is real, but many lies have been spread about it, including by Dr. Anthony Fauci. The main stream media is not your friend. They are driven by a left wing agenda, so do not expect them to tell you the truth. Many politicians claim to be “following the science”, but that is also a lie. They are following political agendas. (Example: Big cities like New York and Chicago after months of lock-down while President Trump was in office; immediately began making plans for ending lock-downs after the inauguration of Joe Biden was assured after the stolen election. A sure sign the extended lock-downs were not science driven, but politically drive to hurt President Trump.) Want the truth? Seek reliable sources who give you not only a summary of the news, but also access to original statements (as we do here) so you can verify yourself if they’re reporting accurately, or reporting an agenda.


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1/28/2021 – Dr Gold Tweet on Facebook’s admission of being wrong about HCQ

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