Fact Check: Did Trump say anything wrong in call with GA Sec of State Raffensperger?

Statement in Question

Did President Trump say anything wrong – such as illegally requesting 11,779 votes to be found – to Georgia Secretary of state Raffensperger during the well publicized weekend phone call?


On January 2, 2021, President Trump engaged in a conference call with Georgia secretary of state Brad Raffensperger with the president’s chief of staff Mark Meadows, and lawyers for both sides present.  The call was concerning rectifying the fraudulent Georgia vote count.  The president and his team were frustrated because they were trying to get specific election count numbers from the secretary of state’s office, and were unable to – even after six requests. The president is heard saying he won Georgia big, and so wants to resolve the matter of the slim Biden margin, often rounded at about 10,000 votes, which the president specifies as 11,779. The gist of the call is since the president won the state by such a huge margin – hundreds of thousands of votes, it should not be a problem for them to review the election and remove illegal votes, and resolve the margin of victory that was claimed as 11,779 votes.

Predictably, the left-wing, anti-Trump sources (basically democrats, and the entire main stream media group which includes social media, and even some republicans) went wild, accusing the president of asking for something illegal – for the secretary of state to change the vote count. In articles, broadcasts and social media posts they accused him of doing something illegal. AOC or Sandy Cortez, as Tucker Carlson calls her, didn’t listen to the entire call but made calls to impeach the president (again). NPR stated it was illegal to falsify the report of vote totals, and suggested that’s what the president did. That’s ironic, because the fact that it’s illegal to certify a false count is the argument the president used as to why Georgia couldn’t use their current numbers. Democrat congressman Hank Johnson is apparently trying to censure the present over the call.

True or False

False. Like the call to the Ukrainian president for which they held an illegitimate impeachment (for which the FBI withheld exculpatory evidence – Hunter’s laptop which they had in their possession.), the president did absolutely nothing wrong on either call. He was not asking the secretary of state to illegally change the count. He was asking him to remove the well documented fraudulent and illegal votes. (The fraud is documented on this site via the Navarro report here.)

Degree of Certainty

Absolutely certain. 100% Certain.

Reasons and Echoes:

  1. Misquoted and take out of context
    As many more objective observers have noted online, those claiming the president did something wrong are either taking the president out of context or misquoting him. Like AOC, there’s no doubt most did not listen to the entire call.  “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams sums it up nicely:

    Another person was kind enough to provide a previous Dilbert comic on it that Adams did on the topic a few years back:
                 Dogbert on misquoting people
  2. It’s clear in context. Listen to the entire call yourself
    One can easily verify the president has been taken out of context by listening to the entire hour long conversation available here:

    Full conversation between President Trump and GA Sec. of State Brad Raffensperger (Archive)
  3. Review an accurate, unbiased summary
    For those who don’t have time to listen to the entire call, you need a reliable source to give an accurate summary. That’s provided for you here as follows:

    1. President Trump is trying to rectify the massive fraud in Georgia as documented in the Navarro report, which is validated here. This is clear from the fact that he states he “easily won Georgia”
      Time mark 52.14
    2. The call mentions invalid votes in a number of categories totaling 24,149 which is quite sufficient, of course, to overcome the slim 11,779 vote Biden margin.
      Time mark: 52.33
    3. Though our numbers vary a bit, the following is likely similar to how the president came up with the 24,149 number. The below chart shows the varies types of frauds and errors that occurred in Georgia:

    Reported from  “Reclaiming A Superpower


Add the totals from the following Categories:

Category of Fraud Count
Felons 2,560
Unregistered Voters 2,423
Registered in another state after GA registration 4,926
Voted in two states 395
Voting in GA, but changed address before election 15,700
Total 26,004

I don’t have the president’s exact numbers, but you can see from these categories alone the president easily has both the 24,149 and 11,779 discussed in the call. And that’s without considering all the categories. That’s why he’s calling to discuss this. He wants to go over the numbers, see what they can agree on that’s valid, and correct the currently fraudulent count.

A correct count is required by law by the way – which the president points out. (Time mark 55.13)  He’s not asking him to do anything illegal. He’s asking him to do the legal thing and correct the vote count. The frustration the president’s team has is they’re basing the numbers on data he has from the secretary of state and Post Office. He wants to see what numbers are being used to deny the claim, and the secretary of state is stonewalling him saying,  “There are things that you’re entitled to get and there are things that under law we’re not allowed to give out” (Time mark 55:06) That’s when the president reminds him he has a legal obligation to not report false numbers. He can’t certify a fraud. (Time mark 55.13) That’s the point of the call. To eliminate the fraud and come up with the correct number. Because with the correct number, as the president says, he wins easily.

4.  Repeated online
This is also the gist of the tweet the president put online, with Raffensperger responding the same as he did on the call:  unresponsive, denying the fraud, uncooperative. There is no hint of any illicit requests in the tweet, and there are none in the call.

Questions and Observations

For those thinking the president did something wrong I have a number of questions:

1. Knowing that there are multiple lawyers and others listening in, why would anyone, much less the president, suggest something illegal be done?

2. Why did Raffensperger secretly record the call? Did he set this up after the call was arranged?

3. Why did Raffensperger or someone on his team leak the call?

4. Once again the Media is being hypocritical – they try to censor as much as they can to protect Biden, like hiding info on Hunter Biden’s Laptop until after the election (see article here), but any illicit information or recording that they don’t allow -since it violates their “hacked” or “illicitly received” information community standard – is fair game when it comes to the president or conservatives.

5. Once again the Dems and main stream media – the Trump Derangement Syndrome people – are simply outright lying. Some may be parroting others, but others are doing it knowingly.  Tucker Carson wonders why and speculates it might be due to the fact that they’re trying to distract from the Georgia elections a few days after the call on January 5, 2021.

Tucker Carlson speculates on why the media wants you to obsess over the PA call.

6. As long as we’re speculating, I’m speculating they’re afraid that Trump is going to pull out this election (which he still has quite a good chance to do). So they’re trying to keep people motivated as to why he shouldn’t be president. If you’re confident Trump won’t be president after January 20th, why are you talking about impeachment (AOC)? I suspect they are not nearly as confident as they claim.

7. Perhaps an even better possibility is to paint a narrative that the president lost and is grasping at straws to win. That’s a lie, but they know that neither the president nor his supporters are buying the lie that Joe Biden won fairly and so he will not concede. So they need something to push the issue. With this fabricated issue, they have another excuse to tell him not only to apologize for his fabricated error (and having the audacity to acknowledge his win), but also to tell him to concede, as they do in this article on the democratic effort to censure the president.

The effort to get the president to concede will fail. He knows he won. His followers know he won. And frankly, most people, whether they admit it or not know that President Trump won. Which means they also know – but don’t want to speak it – that Biden is attempting to steal the election. It’s patently obvious. I suspect the only people who really don’t know that Biden is trying to steal the election are the clueless TDS people who think Biden ran, and honestly won his campaign from his basement; while calling early “lids”, and while every traditional measure (aside from the fraudulent vote count) from bell weather states to the number of counties won, say that Biden lost the election big time. The following graphic depicts this nicely:
By any objective measure you choose to use (except fraudulent vote counts), there’s no way Biden won the election.

Concluding Comments:

Once again the main stream media have proved they are liars, who can’t be trusted. They are not objective journalists. They are an extension of the TDS infected left who hate Trump, and refuse to print the truth about him if it reflects well on him, much less report on the many good things he has accomplished. Let me close with a reminder and admonishment that if it’s coming from the main stream media and it’s about president Trump or conservatives, you’d better check a more reliable source before you believe it.


Updated: 1/5/21 – Minor corrections

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