Fact Check – Was there fraud during the Georgia Senate Runoff elections?

Statement in Question:

Was there fraud sufficient to change the outcome in the run off elections in Georgia for the two Georgia senate seats on January 5, 2021 between incumbent Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R) and challenger Raphael Warnock(D); and incumbent Sen. David Perdue(R) and challenger Jon Ossoff(D)?


Extensive fraud has already been demonstrated in the presidential election by Attorney Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani did so using hundreds of affidavits of crime regarding various aspects of the the election and counting processes, which include: testimony from expert witnesses, testimony of election process crimes (e.g. backdating ballots, counting votes from various ineligible people such as illegal aliens and dead people, illegally curing ballots, manufacturing ballots and manipulating rejection rates, etc.), computer forensic analysis, mathematical analysis, pattern recognition, and others means. There were also governors and secretaries of state who illegally changed election laws contrary to state constitution requirements to less security methods which allowed and facilitated democrat cheating using unprecedented levels of mail-in voting. Additionally there is the widely viewed video evidence of illegal votes being clandestinely revealed from under tables and counted, among other evidences.

The stolen presidential election was analyzed as to how it was conducted and very well documented by White House advisor Peter Navarro. Echocheck.org reviewed and confirmed Navarro’s analysis and report here.  To put things in context, Biden’s statement that the democrats have “… put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics”  now makes sense. In hindsight, that clearly was neither gaff nor mistake, but truth. Couple that with Chuck Schumer already laying out the plan: first to win the presidency, then “take Georgia” by which he meant the two seats in the senate, then they can “change the world” which he previously stated meant – everything is on the table, including: packing the courts, single payer healthcare, ending the filibuster (so the minority could not stop any legislation), etc.


  • These statements from Biden and Schumer
  • The demonstrated history of cheating in the 2020 presidential election
  • The lack of accountability by the main stream media, who instead of covering the crimes of the democrats, are covering over the crimes of the democrats.

Considering the above It’s patently obvious to any objective observer that the democrats planned to steal the Georgia senate race just as they stole the presidency. But having documented the fraud in the presidential election,  we now know what to look for to identify fraud in the Georgia run off elections.

In part 1 of his report Peter Navarro pointed out:

“However, each state has a unique mix of issues that might be considered “most important.” To put this another way, all battleground states are characterized by the same or similar election irregularities; but, like Tolstoy’s unhappy families, each battleground state is different in its own election irregularity way.

This is to point out that like every other stolen state, Georgia has a unique mix of the many tactics pointed out by Navarro. This fact check will identify enough factors to confirm that the Georgia senate race was both stolen, and done so using the same tactics used in the Presidential race, which Navarro identified in his report.

Did democrats steal the Georgia Senate race, True or False?


Degree of Certainty:

Certain (100%)


We can see the same pattern of fraud in the Georgia run off elections that occurred in the presidential election.

Echoes and References

Following are the tactics that democrats used to steal the presidential election, that were also visible in the Georgia run off elections, as documented on social media.

Types of Fraud or Indicators:

Vote tally decreases
No Partisan observers
An increase in voters beyond normal growth rates
Middle of the Night Halting of the vote Count
Ballot Dumps
Vote Spikes

Vote tallies Decrease

In a fair, legal election votes will never decrease because tallies only add votes. Tallies should never decrease. But in both elections the count did decrease.

Presidential election: Sample of vote decreases
Georgia Election: Vote decrease caught live on TV:

Votes for David Perdue decrease from 774,723 to 742,323 (32,400 votes) live on air.


No partisan observers

Partisan observers are allowed (in some states required) to observe the counting process. That was denied in many democrat run counting facilities.

Presidential Election: Observers denied Access
Georgia Election Observers denied:

Observers unable to observe in the Georgia runoff election Twitter Link Video Archive


An increase in voters beyond normal growth rates

Presidential Election – More voters than projected increase (Bobby Piton Testimony)
Georgia Election – More Voters than Projected increase (Bobby Piton GA Update) :Bobby Piton points out the impossibility of the GA election roles in 4-5 months
Bobby Piton points out the impossibility of the GA election roles in 4-5 months


Middle of the Night Halting of the vote Count

It takes time to determine how many fraudulent votes are needed, and to run them through the machines (sometime multiples times). So a common feature in election frauds are vote dumps that occur during the late night stoppage of counting, followed by a huge spike and a “surprise” reversal of the lead. Some were hoping that a landslide lead would help prevent fraud. That demonstrates they don’t understand how the fraud is committed. It doesn’t matter what the lead is, democrat vote thieves simply do a combination of vote dumps and other fraud tactics sufficient to put their candidate ahead, while removing votes from the candidate they want to overcome.

Below is the notice that the counting stopped for the Georgia Run-off race (The person referenced – Gabrielle Sterling – is a Georgia election official. From this tweet (archive), it looks like they’re also doing some manipulation of the voting machines.)

Presidential Race late night count stoppage
Georgia Run-off race late night count stoppage:

Late night counting stop during GA run-off election; just as in the presidential election


Ballot Dumps

Counting is typically stopped to allow for illegal ballot dumps. Here they are in the respective races:

Presidential Race ballot dump
Georgia Senate run-off rate ballot dump:

Georgia run-off race ballot dumps


Vote Spikes

After fraudulent ballots have been scanned, thieves have left their finger prints on the election data. Because instead of exhibiting the slow, regular, steady increase in vote totals as you get in a fair election, vote dumps lead to spikes in the graph of the election progress as illustrated below. There is no way to avoid it. If you dump in votes, you can see the dump. Here are the vote spikes in the respective elections:

Presidential race vote spikes:
Georgia Senate run-off race Vote spikes:

Vote spike, as expected, after the vote dump for losing Dem candidates in Georgia’s run-off election

Concluding Comments:

No doubt other methods were used, such as the fractional vote counting Dr Shiva proved for the presidential election, but those are a bit harder to prove – particularly quickly. However even without proving fractional vote counting, there is no doubt that like the general presidential election, the Georgia senate run-off election was stolen by the democrats.

Some conservatives and Trump supporters had erroneously concluded that if the GOP landslide was large enough, it would overcome any steal the democrats attempted. This was clearly a naive and incorrect way to view the capability of democrats to cheat and overcome any amount of votes they were behind. To all who recognized the magnitude of the steal of the general (presidential) election, the loss to the democrats by the republicans in the senate run-off race was a foregone conclusion, a done deal. It was clear that once all attempts to postpone the election -until the election fraud could be eliminated as Navarro had suggested (below), had failed – republican candidates had no chance of winning. Indeed, if the fraud that took place in these two key elections is not addressed and eliminated, the republicans will never win another significant race again.

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