Your Compromised Immune System, Compliments of the Covid Vaccine

Dr Geert Vanden Bosshe Warns about the vax

Many physicians, researchers and other interested and qualified, well educated (PhD) citizens are raising the alarm about the harm done to the immune system by the Covid vaccine. The problem is called Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) and it’s a serious, well known and potentially lethal problem that we’ve reported on before. (See the warning by Dr Vladimir Zelenko about ADE in this article at about 6:10; or the warnings by Dr Shawn Brooks during his comments to a school board in this article concerning both reduced immune system capability (at about 0:50) and ADE (at about 1:12). But the following presentation by Dr Vanden Bossche is so clear, with such an easy to understand analogy to further illustrate, we would be remiss in our reporting if we didn’t point it out and highlight it.

Dr Vanden Bossche is one of the most knowledgeable, well regarded vaccine researcher in the world. Yet he issues the warning in the following video which we’ve transcribed below for quick, easy accessibility.  The diagram below the transcribed remarks of Dr Vanden Bossche is an overview of how antibody dependent enhancement occurs, and it’s potentially fatal result – a cytokine storm. Click the link below the graphic for a brief description of how ADE weakens the body’s immune system.

Video featuring Geert Vanden Bosshe PhD,m DVM: “Best Explanation I’ve Seen About Why the Covid Jabs Are Killer Shots”

Description of the problem:

(The below comment from Dr Vanden Bosshe’s starts at 1:42)

“The fact is that these long lived antibodies which have high specificity of course for the virus, they out-compete our natural antibodies. Because they’re natural antibodies, they have a very broad spectrum, but they have low affinity, right? A specific antibody [meaning, those antibodies elicited by the vaccine] will still continue to out-compete your natural antibodies. And that is a huge problem. Because I was saying just a few minutes ago, these natural antibodies, they provide you with broad protection. This protection is yes, it is variant non-specific. It doesn’t matter what variant you get. It doesn’t even matter what type of corona virus is coming in. It will protect you. Unless of course you suppress this level of innate immunity, or it is, for example, out-competed by long lived specific antibodies. [Like those elicited by the vaccine.] And so it’s not like, okay, you’ve missed it, okay let’s try again. No, you did some harm. I mean, this is different from drugs. Immunizing somebody is installing a new software on your computer. Don’t forget, these antibodies, they will be recalled every single time you’re encountering a corona virus. You cannot just erase this. So this is very serious.”
– Dr Geert Vanden Bosshe

Antibody Dependent EnhancemntAntibody Dependent Enhancement

View description of the above diagram and the ADE process here.

In closing, please note:

  • These antibodies are long lived, and the effects of the vax will be in your body forever. “You cannot just erase this.” The harm done by this vaccine is permanent. While the effectiveness of the vaccine may decrease due to mutations in the virus, those telling you that vaccine itself will dissipate from your body are mistaken or lying.
  • As Dr Bhaki points out here , and Dr Charles Hoffe states here, the vaccine does not stay in your arm. 75% of it is distributed throughout your body, and is not only weakening your immune system, but it is causing micro-clots which can them damage any organ including the brain, heart and reproductive systems.  (Dr. Zelenko pointed out miscarriage rate in the 1st Trimester goes from 10% to 80% after the vaccine.)
  • For a fascinating discussion between Dr. Vanden Bosse and Dr. Robert Malone (inventor of the mRNA vaccine) see this video where not only does Dr. Malone suspect we’re seeing early indications of Antibody Dependent Enhancement, but they come to some unexpected conclusions:
    • The vaccinated are the “super spreaders”
      (In his formal warning to the world, Dr. Vanden Bosse says the current Covid vaccines “turn vaccine recipients into asymptomatic carriers who are shedding virus”
    • The unvaccinated are those limiting and helping to eliminate “infection pressures”
    • Paradoxically the more a country vaccinates, the higher the infection pressure (because the vaccines are “leaky” meaning viruses can leak through via mutation and not be stopped by the vaccine). Further, the higher rate of vaccination in a population, the less able the vaccinated will be to clear the virus and resist the increasing pressure. Because as vaccination rates go up, the number of those able to clear the vaccine – the unvaccinated – decrease.  (No need to take our word for it, listen to the discussion yourself here.) (View on YouTube)
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