Dr Robert Malone – Mass Formation Psychosis – The Banned Interview

Dr Robert Malone

The Joe Rogan interview of Dr Malone that was banned on YouTube

Dr Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA vaccine technology and holder of many patents to prove it, was banned from Twitter on 12/29/21 for presenting facts and questions about the mRNA vaccine technology that Twitter and the government would prefer you not know or think about. The next day he was scheduled for an Interview with popular podcaster Joe Rogan where he discussed the vaccine, mass formation psychosis and other items. That interview was quickly banned from YouTube.

For your ease of access, below is the entire interview, followed by some comments shared on Twitter as highlights.

Dr Malone interviewed by Joe Rogan 12/30/21 Link Archive


Mass Formation Psychosis


The U.S. Government is Lawless

For more from Dr Simone Gold on the vaccine see here

Vaccine Mandates are illegal and against the Nuremberg Code


The Greater effectiveness of natural immunity, and higher risk of adverse events if then vaccinated.

Link to Interview Dr Malone did with Infowars. (12/31/21)

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