Fact Check: Was the Jan 6 Capitol event an Insurrection?

Jan 6 Capitol Crowd

Statement in Question: 
Were the events of January 6 a planned insurrection?

Democrats have charged since the day of the events of the capitol incursion that it was a planned, coordinated, attempted insurrection – an attempt to overthrow the government. They charge that the Trump supports who showed up (unarmed to protest the theft of the 2020 election by Joe Biden), did not do so to participate in a legal, lawful protest, but rather to help a planned attempt to overthrow the government.

True or False:  False. It is false that the Jan 6th events were a planned insurrection..
The events of January 6th, were not a planned (or unplanned) insurrection. It was a peaceful protest that got out of hand when FBI hired agitators (and likely others) incited the crowd to enter the capitol building, some doing so as capitol police looked on benignly. (An apparent attempt at entrapment.)

Degree of Certainty: 100%
Reason: As reported here, former President Trump did not incite a riot, and as echoed below the FBI has essentially exonerated the January 6th protesters. Tucker Carlson reported (below) the FBI told Reuters that there was no insurrection, and that there would not be “any charges alleging that any individual or group played a central role in organizing or leading the riot.”

Echoes and References:

Tucker Carlson: The FBI exonerates a large group of people. Reported 8/20/21

Reuters Story Tucker references:
Mark Hosenball and Sarah N. Lynch, “Exclusive: FBI finds scant evidence U.S. Capitol attack was coordinated – sources“, Reuters, August 20, 2021, https://www.reuters.com/world/us/exclusive-fbi-finds-scant-evidence-us-capitol-attack-was-coordinated-sources-2021-08-20/

Speculation: Paid FBI participants helped advance the events.
Mike Huckabee, “The FBI and Jan6: a Follow up“, The Stream, June 18, 2021, https://stream.org/the-fbi-and-january-6-a-follow-up/

Concluding Comments:
What happened on January 6th is clear: The Democrats, having stole the 2020 election tried to divert attention from that fact by planting agitators in the crowd of Trump’s well advertised protest, agitators dressed as Trump supporters in order to promote the narrative that Trump incited a riot, and the crowd attempted an insurrection. They instructed the police to let the protesters in (see here, and here – the police essentially escort protesters in). Apparently the police were also instructed not to call for back up (here), no doubt to help make the scene more chaotic and thus charges of insurrection more believable. (Note the above links are from tweets – most are from deleted or suspended accounts, so the links are to an archive copy of the videos in the Tweet.)

So both the charge that Trump incited a riot, and his followers staged an insurrection are false.  What should be clear by now is the darkness of the souls of those involved in these evils of the attempt to paint innocent protesters as insurrectionists, and the outright theft of the election.

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