Chronicles of the End Ch 02 – End Signs Foretold?

Roman Pantheon

Typically we prefer to stick to demonstrable facts, but it’s undeniable for people with eyes to see that at the root of the evil that is destroying the country is a very strong spiritual component. With that in mind it seems appropriate to explore whether the destruction of the country we’re currently witnessing has been presaged in the pages of scripture.

There are a number of ways that things are foretold in scripture. There could be direct prophecy, with people or, places or times directly named (as in the prophecy of Cyrus (Ezr 1.1-2); or specific timings – if you can identify the related events (as in the prophecy of the first coming of the Messiah (Dan 9.25), sometimes is the direct naming of specific events (as in the destruction of the second Temple Matt 24.1-2). Many times it’s done with types: There’s the forerunner who is a “type” of the fulfillment to come. Or a “type” of what that’s gone before him. Prime examples that come to mind: Moses is a type of the Messiah (Deut 18.18); John the Baptizer is a type of Elijah (Matt 11.13-14); Haman (Est 3.4-5) with his hatred of God’s people is a type of the Anti-Christ (Rev 13.7) (as Hitler is also a type of the anti-Christ.)

With that in mind messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has made a case there are events that serve as types – which he calls harbingers – of the signs of the coming destruction of the nation. The type is the nation of God’s people – Israel. The fulfillment is coming to a nation setup to be “a light to the word” and a “city on a hill.” Who claimed “In God we Trust.” Cahn argues that the many years of rebellion against God’s word and will – in removing God from schools, sacrificing Babies to demons through the practice of abortion, sexual immorality of all types, and general rebellion against the will of God, has led to the signs of judgment, the harbingers of coming doom, to be manifest.

I will let you listen to his case – which he has shorted for radio – for yourself. Following, for those who would prefer a summary before they invest the time listening – is a summary of the evidences of the signs of judgment, the items that have been used to foreshadow the harbingers of doom which have already been manifested.  If these are indeed signs, harbingers of coming judgment, then the U.S. is likely further down the road of destruction that most realize.

Note: I don’t agree with every point he made. The “template” as he calls it appears to be off regarding the fate of Hillary (Jezebel is killed); and regarding the events of Jan 6. (Jehu specifically intended to kill all the priests of Baal – and did so; Trump clearly did not intend to kill every or any member of congress in the Capital on Jan 6. or anyone else; and did not.) But the rest of his theory is intriguing:

The Signs or “Harbingers” which have already happened, that he points to
the release of evil upon the US and the signs of Judgment already at hand
(Summary of the above message by Jonathan Cahn)

OTT: Listed first: The Old Testament Type
CDF: Listed second: The Current Day Fulfillment of the Old Testament type

Signs or Harbingers of America’s Coming Fall

1.  A King/Queen Co-regency
OTT: Ahab, King of Israel/Jezebel his wife (1 Ki 16.28 ff) Jezebel heavy into child sacrifice
CDF: Bill/Hillary Clinton;  Hillary heavy into child sacrifice (Sanctioned abortion)

2.  A scandal followed by Calamity;
After 19 years in office a scandal;
After 3 Years after voicing repentance over grave sin; a calamity

OTT: 19 years after beginning – a scandal
Calamity: judgment pronounced on the house of Ahab; 3 years after the Repentance of Ahab, Ahab put to death – 1 Ki 21.25ff
CDF:  19 years after starting politics 1998 : Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky
3 years after  Clinton’s voicing repentance, calamity: 9/11/2001

3. Baby Sacrifice continues
OTT: Ancient Queen (Jezebel) continues in the political realm on the national stage sacrificing babies (2 Ki 9.22)
CDF: Hillary continues after Bill Clinton to inhabit political realm on the national stage, keeps promoting sacrificing babies (abortion).

4. The Successor follows in the (evil) way of the predecessor
OTT: An Ancient King (Ahaziah 1 Ki 22.51-53) continues in the way of the first king (Ahab).
CDF: Likewise Obama follows the godless ways of Clinton.

5. An outsider is raised up to restrain the evil
OTT: Jehu, an unlikely, unpredictable, fighter, outsider, raised up by the Lord, rises to power to turn back some of the evil (1 Ki 19.16-17) He drives (to the place of the king) like a madman: 2 Ki 9.20
CDF: Just as Trump, an unpredictable outside, raised up by the Lord to turn back some of the evil his He drives (to the place of the president) like a madman in his campaign for president. (Yes Cahn pushes the limits of the type here.)

6. A Showdown between the New Outsider and the Pagan Queen
OTT:  Show down – Jehu vs Jezebel Jezebel falls (2 Ki 9:30-35)
CDF: 2016 presidential election: Trump vs Hillary (Hillary falls (loses the election))

7. The Outsider Enacts Reforms to restrain evil
OTT: Jehu cuts off state support for the cult of Baal (He did so by killing all the heirs of Ahab 2 ki 10.17) , and all the prophets of Baal 2 Ki 10.21-27)
CDF: Trump – tries to drain swap, end baby killing (abortion).

OTT: Jehu’s reign represents a reprieve for the nation
CDF: Likewise for Trump – his time represents a reprieve for the nation –  a time of holding back the forces of evil currently destroying America.

8. The rise of the Outsider King leads to the fall of the pagan temple
OTT: The rise of Jehu brought about the fall of the temple of Baal.
CDF: Background: There is an ancient temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria surviving 2000 years of world history
Fulfillment:  In 2015, 2 months after Trump declares his run for the white house, the ancient temple of Baal (the one in Palmyra Syria) literally falls to the earth.

9. Instead of the temple of the Lord, the temple of a pagan god is celebrated in the nation
OTT: The Temple of Baal is in the Capital City (1 Ki 16.32)
CDF: “America’s temple” is the Capitol building
In it’s hall (US Capitol)  is a quote, “we have built no national temples, but the capitol”
It is “America’s Temple” modeled after pagan temples – particularly the Pantheon (above), temple of pagan Roman gods.

What happens when a nation turns away from god?
You get pagan prayers to a pagan god:
Mon Jan 4, 2021 – The Inaugural session of the new congress, in the new year
a prayer was said, and an attempt made to sanctify the capitol by a prayer to Brahma, a pagan god.

OTT: The worship of Baal involves: sexual immorality, persecution of God’s people, sacrificing of children.
CDF: The same week that the prayer was consecrated to a pagan God, a new radical, anti-biblical agenda arose where:
Sexual immorality was enshrined, the oppression of Gods’ people increased, the encroaching of religious liberty in the form of the equality act and other legislation, and the killing of the unborn as it had never been championed before. The capitol was officially of vessel of the pagan god Baal.

Tuesday the vote in Georgia, (which as stolen), sealed the pagan power over the capitol.

10. The day the new power structure was announced: 
This happened while a type of Jehu (a disrupter) was in power. (Jan 6 the “Insurrection”)

Two Manifestations

1. The Call to gather:
OTT: Jehu  calls for an assembly at the capitol city (2 ki 10)
CDF: Trump calls for an assembly at the capitol

2. To those gathered, the call to go inside
OTT: Priest of Baal gathered inside
Followers of Jehu stationed outside (set to kill them)
CDF: Here is a breakdown in the analogy. Trump never orders protesters inside.

Both (Jehu and Trump) call the assembly to set something in motion

11. Events at the Temple (Capitol)
OTT: Jehu posts men outside (2 Ki 10.24 to kill the prophets of Baal) so they’re people of violence.
CDF: Trump sends people outside (to protest) Note: Here Cahn is mistaken, he believes Trump posts “people of violence.” Trump did not. The Dems and Antifa ran a number of false flag operations – The violent people were Trump’s opponents pretending to be supporters who practiced and promoted violence so that Trump and his  supporters could be blamed. (See summary of Jan 6 here.) So here is a significant break in his comparison.

12. The Command from the Outsider
OTT: Jehu says “Go inside” he leaves out “and kill them” 2 Ki 10.25
CDF: Another significant break with Cahn’s “template”. Trump said to peacefully walk to the capitol. Never does the president call for violence or unlawful action (see here for summary of events, including a link to his speech so you can hear exactly what Trump said)
President Trump clearly and obviously said nothing about killing anyone nor did he promote violence.

13. Similarities at the Temple
Note: The capitol is modeled after the Temple of Baal, the same one in Palmyra Syria that fell

OTT: Jehu appoints 80 men to stop the prophets of Baal
CDF: 80 were arrested at the capitol on Jan 6 protesting to stop the steal.
CDF: 80 stood in the house members stood against the electoral vote, again to stop the steal.

14. God sent a reprieve, wanting repentance

OTT: Under Jehu, The nation’s apostasy slowed, but it was not averted. The short term danger was averted, but not the more significant judgment which was further off. Jehu’s reign was a window in time – that opened and closed.  Jehu was not the final answer to the nation’s apostasy, though he was  used by God

CDF Likewise Trump, tenure was a brief reprieve. He was not the final answer to the nation’s apostasy, though he was  used by God. O Jan 6 – The window of Jehu;  –  The window of reprieve – was over.

15:  The Template – Can be considered as: Jehu vs. the Temple of Baal

OTT: The template replaying – the reversing of the fall of the temple.
CDF:  Now in a new day – this is the rise of the temple of Baal, so these are the days of the reign of Baal.

If these are the days of the temple of Baal, then
These must also be the days of Elijah –

Be like Elijah compromised, untainted, undefiled, unentangled with the world, separate from the world, but a light of the world. Proclaim the truth, not retreating.

In his followup book, “The Harbinger II” Cahn lists more signs of impending judgement. This is beyond the scope of presenting the signs as presented above by Cahn, but for those with interest, here are some of the signs he covers in this next book and a link to a brief show he did to promote the book which briefly describes some of the signs:

Some of the Signs discussed in Cahn’s The Harbinger II

  • 9/11 – A Military Power gets a warning
  • The Financial Power of the world gets a warning
  • An enemy from a faraway land shall come and attack you in your gate
  • The Sycamore Falls
  • The Bricks have fallen (Isaiah 9:10  The verse listed for Sept 11 in  the One Year Bible)
  • Rebellion against God – refusal to  humble themselves and repent:
    We’ll build back stronger (without God)

Cahn’s overview of Harbinger II

Concluding Comments:

Are these all signs of impending judgment from God?
Normally we are more definitive, but in this case, we report, you decide.

♦♦♦ ♦♦♦ ♦♦♦

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