Chronicles Of The End Ch 01 – Dismissing the Constitution

The Reichstag Fire

The Fall of America Chapter 1:
The American Reichstag fire: Destruction of Freedoms

When societies begin undergoing radical change to transform them into a completely different type of society, there is often a key event or events, often called watershed events, that are responsible for initiating a chain of events that permanently change the fabric of society – whether for better or worse.

Defining the Country: Creating the Constitution

For example, after the revolutionary war, the fledgling United States was in serious trouble and on the verge of collapse. As Bill O’Reilly narrates below, the articles of confederation that had been drawn up to provide a framework for the states to work together were insufficient to the task. The country needed a new document – a  document that would provide a new, constitutionally empowered, unified,  central government. And with the new government, new protections were needed for the people against the newly formed government. The watershed events that saved the country were the signing of the constitution in 1787, and immediately following, the drawing up and ratification of the Bill of Rights, which provided the much needed protections for the people against a government that grows tyrannical against the people it governs.

Re-enactment of the creation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights

A number of the founding fathers were right to be suspicious of the power of a federalized central government without restraint. Such tools are used by tyrants to remove personal freedoms and impose the will of authoritarian rulers and dictators. So they put protections into the highly regarded and revered foundational documents: the constitution and the Bill of Rights. But now, in spite of constitutional protections, we’re seeing those personal rights being systematically pared down until they cease to exist altogether. This removal of rights does not happen without excuse – however lame it may be. The ongoing onslaught on personal rights and freedoms has also been introduced by a watershed event, though not everyone recognizes it as such. Before it is introduced, a note on the style of the news presenter who will no doubt be a regular source of info as we watch the fall of America. That person is Tucker Carlson.

An Intro on Tucker Carson Style

Tucker Carlson is a conservative. He presents conservative points of view. He closes most of his “Tucker Carlson Tonight” shows with the tagline:

“The show that is the sworn enemy of lying pomposity, smugness and group think”

For those new to watching Tucker, please keep his perspective in mind. Because in order to make a point, Tucker will often present the lies of group think as something actually true. He doesn’t actually believe the lie is true, but he makes such comments as a rhetorical device – both to setup a reveal of how foolishly wrong the item in question is; and in many cases to spotlight whatever humorous value can be drawn from the foolishness of the argument or idea presented. Tools he often uses to this end include hyperbole, mocking, and what some would consider a “snarky attitude” towards humorous ends.

For example, in this episode he talks about pausing to remember the “White Supremacist/QAnon Insurrection that came so very close to toppling our government and ending this democracy forever.” Tucker does not believe the January 6 incident was due to white supremacy or QAnon. He’s speaking as do the lying, pompous, foolish followers of group think. On the contrary – if he believes his guests, then he believes Julie Kelly, who was on his show on Feb 22, 2021 and stated there was “no evidence of an armed Insurrection” by anyone – which would include White supremacists or QAnon believers.

The American Reichstag fire:
Illegal Imprisonment and Rejection of the Constitution

The Constitution and Bill of Rights, revered and instituted at watershed events, is now being rejected and dismissed on the pretext of another watershed event that appears to be orchestrated by democrats and executed by Antifa and the like, not Trump supporters. That event is the so called “insurrection” on January 6. As foundational to the formation of the country as the constitution and Bill of Rights was to the U.S., the January 6 insurrection will be pointed to as a foundational event that marked the formal beginning of the destruction and dismantling of the key principles of government and protection of human rights that were recognized and legally protected in the U.S. Constitution over 200 years ago.

Particularly the rights protected in the Bill of Rights are being systematically eroded away and dismissed. How? Watch Tucker Carlson’s summary of events that day, and how protesters – that would be those protesting against the establishment democratic party that stole the 2020 presidential election, were treated. Candace Owen joins him. Pay particular attention to her analogy to the Reichstag fire. What we see happening today are events that are uncannily close to events following the Reichstag fire.

Tucker Carlson on the 3 months Anniversary of the Jan 6 Capitol incursion

The entire 17 and a half minute segment is worth watching, but take particular notice of the following highlighted items:

  • Charging people for merely showing up and thumbing their noses at the democrats
  • “The scope and scale of this investigation are really unprecedented, not only in FBI history but probably DOJ history.” (4:20)
    This for people who merely disagree with the theft of the election and are expressing their objections to it.They consider prosecuting these peaceful protesters so important that the  FBI has stopped investigating other crimes such as drug trafficking, child porn and sex, and instead are listening to informants on “rioters”
  • The prosecution is about Stopping people with unpopular ideas about “Insurrection”

Anthony Griffin, one of 400 people in or near the capitol that day, is one being prosecuted. Why?
“Griffith walked into the U.S. Capitol building through the open doors on January 6, telling the agents he did not see any police officers as he entered the building…He then went into a nearby office where he ‘interacted with some individuals’ before exiting the building…However, he re-entered the U.S. Capitol building again a short time later, where he meandered through the hallways and took a few photos.”

For the act of “meandering” through the hallways – an act considered as an act of terrorism, Anthony Griffin faces 7 years in prison.

  • Sedition Charges against the “Insurrectionists”?
    “Sedition occurs when anyone opposes, by force, the authority of the united states; or by force, hinders or delays the execution of any law of the United states.”(60 minutes Interviewer) Do you anticipate sedition charges against some of these suspects?Michael Sherwin (D.C. Government prosecutor): “I believe the facts do support those charges. And I think that as we go forward more facts will support those charges, Scott.”

For context, the DC circuit court of appeals, the most powerful appellate court in the country, ordered the Department of Justice (DOJ) to distinguish between actual criminals, and people who walked through open doors inside the capitol building.

That ruling came after DOJ tried a convince a judge that Lisa Eisenhart and her son Eric Munchell should face indefinite detention (7:30) Though they committed no acts of violence nor destroyed any property, Biden’s Department of Justice convinced a trial judge that Lisa Eisenhart was a “threat to our republic” and her son was a “would be martyr.” This for the crime of trespassing. (Trespassing, while not condoned, does not make you a threat to the republic.)

  • Not released from Jail:

Many of the protestors at the Capitol on January 6th have not been released from Jail. Including:

Lisa Eisenhart and her son Eric Munchell:
“Two individuals who did not engage in any violence and who nere not involved in planning or coordinating the activities – seemingly would pose little threat.” (DC Circuit Court of Appeals)
Yet the judges still did not release them were still not released

Jacob Chansly, aka  Chewbacca guy, (aka Jake Angeli – full name: Jacob Anthony Angeli Chansley) still not released, though not accused of committing any violence or breaking property.
(8:30)What did he do? Merely walked into the chambers.
See the video at 8:55
Chansly is still in jail and will be there indefinitely.

A number of people arrested on Jan 6 are still in the DC Jail
Some are beaten by guards.
In contrast most BLM rioters were sprung from jail immediately.

  •  Unequal Treatment under the law – On stark display across the country

– Violent criminals released (while peaceful protesters sit in jail indefinitely.)

– Two teen age girls (13,15) carjack and kill Pakistani car driver
Muhammed Anwar. The two will  likely be released by age 21.

There’s a good chance that the peaceful protester “Chewbacca guy” will spend more time in jail for trespassing with an American flag than these girls will spend for murder.

  • Disproportionate treatment for crime 
    This disproportionate treatment of crime (mentioned above) is not an accident.
  • Democrats: If you’re “protesting” on behalf of democrats (intimidating people, burning or destroying property) anything you do is fine; do whatever you want
    (Not so for those protesting against democrats)

Candace Owens:
The agenda is Not law and order and Justice.
Speaking as a DC resident, D.C. burned for 6 weeks over George Floyd protests last summer.

BLM Plaza was created in Washington DC – Essentially an award for bad behavior.

So If you wonder why young girls think they can go up to an Uber driver (Muhammed Anwar) and do this sort of thing (steal his car, resulting in killing him) on camera and not expect to get in trouble – it’s because we have a system that told them they are not supposed to get in trouble. Because violence and anger is understandable if you’re a black American.

Capitol Riots, on a scale compared to Black Lives Matters [protests]: what happened on Jan 6 was virtually nothing.

Also during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings – I was there. Also absolute madness. Why wasn’t that called an insurrection?

Didn’t we have rabid feminists storming into the building, chasing down senators? …  [Feminists] that were wearing pussy hats, that were hunting down people, storming into Chuck Grassley’s office. Remember they had a sit-in inside of his office? …
But it wasn’t an “insurrection,” it was a “mostly peaceful protest.” (16.45)
It was “understandable,” people just trying to vent their concerns about the direction America was going into.

  • It is a double standard, it’s a sinister double standard.

“What happened on Jan 6 was to me The Reichstag fire
happening all over again in America.”
“Democrats used it to consolidate power and to trample over the civil rights of half of the country. Because they want to make sure that they have no political adversaries going forward.”

Candace’s last line bears repeating:

“Democrats used it [the Jan 6 incursion] to consolidate power and to trample over the civil rights of half of the country. Because they want to make sure that they have no political adversaries going forward.”

This is a well defined marker for the beginning of the end of the U.S. as the freedom loving, constitutionally controlled country represented by Lady Liberty as we’ve known her.

For context: History on the Reichstag fire (occurred Feb 27, 1933)

Note, it accomplished two things for Hitler:

  1. The Reichstag fire Decree
    Issued the day after the fire, the decree allows for the enforced imprisonment of anyone opposing the Nazi regime. And action to be taken against any publication deemed critical of the cause.
  2. The Enabling Act – passed in parliment  Marc 23, 1933
    “It gives the Nazi party power to enforce laws without the intervention of the reichstag. (parliament) Passing of the enabling act essentially hands power to Hitler and the national socialist party.”

This is what the democrats want Jan 6 to accomplish for them: Enforced imprisonment of anyone who disagrees with Democrats, and the power to enforce laws apart from Due Process and with disregard for the constitution and any and all Constitutional safeguards for personal rights and liberties.

The Reichstag (Parliment building) fire
Commentary from Hitler the Rise and Fall, Episode “The Implementation of Terror”

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