Chronicles of the End of America – An Introduction

Lady Liberty about to drown, be attacked by sharks

Chronicles of the End of America – An Introduction

With the theft of the 2020 Presidential election, and the Georgia run-off elections, the democrats have forcibly and illegally taken control of all the levers and means of power in the United States. Their goals are clear:  to undo everything that president Trump did, and secure permanent democrat control of the country forever (can’t have another Trump or republican win)  – even if it means destroying the country. The view that we are watching the destruction of America is not unique with this writer. Consider this online sentiment:

Chronicles of the end: "George Says" agrees: It feels like we're watching the fall of America

And so the America that we’ve known and loved, land of the free and home of the brave, a constitutionally governed republic in which the laws and constitutionally protected freedoms, especially those guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, apply equally to all citizens. That America is quickly being destroyed, replaced by what could be taken as a caricature of a combination of the dystopian society of 1984 and all the worst parts of communist control in the Soviet regime at the height of its power during the cold war before the fall. The level of dysfunction and control is so over the top in 1984 one wonders how a society could ever get there. Unfortunately for this country, unless there are immediate, drastic changes in the course that the democrats have set, it appears we will all get to watch with our own eyes how it happens. These chronicles of the end of America will document the decline and fall for all who wonder how it could have happened – before the truth falls to tools of Big Brother’s U.S. equivalent and disappears.

Slow Decline to the End

For those blithely going about their lives without a concern for whether America will exist in the near future, the changes will likely fly beneath the radar for them. Like the frog that doesn’t jump out of the pot as the water is heated to a boil, the destruction of America will no doubt be too gradual for some to notice. But not to those paying attention. (Those following through this chronicle are obviously paying attention.)  The destruction starts with abuses of powers and freedoms that go unopposed and uncorrected. (That includes the theft of the presidential election which remains uncorrected.) In words succinct enough for a tweet, Congressman Jim Jordan highlights some of these initial democrat forays into Big Brother type control:

Jim Jordan On Democrat goals - close schools, open border, etc.

Or course the above is just the tip of the iceberg. Using Covid as an excuse, democrats intend to grab and keep unprecedented levels of control over your freedom of movement and freedom to work:
Chronicles of the end: Rep Jim Jordan - Democrat's Covid goals

Checks and Balances Have Failed

If the checks and balances built into the constitution were operational, (like those requiring fair elections, and having a supreme court (SCOTUS) that upholds the provisions of the constitution) the democrats would not pose such a problem. But in terms of protecting the republic, SCOTUS is essentially MIA and thus not an effective restraint. Rep. Jordan confirms the point made above, that democrats control the levers of power in the U.S.:

Chronicles of the end: Rep Jim Jordan: Democrats control the means of power

Much if not Most of the next Generation will be lost

Jordan left out Big Schools – the universities that are little more than well funded forced attendance, leftist propaganda ministries, turning out clones of brain washed soldiers who, like The Winter Soldier, are ready to jump on, and attack any for a leftist cause at the mere mention of the well ingrained key words they’ve been conditioned to respond to. Like the use of non-preferred (though accurate) pronouns. They don’t recognize that they are like Alex in A Clockwork Orange, bound in a conditioning environment, forced to view objectionable material (in Alex’s case violent crimes and rapes; in the case of leftist Universities, anything concerning Christian or conservative values (basic Christian morality like living a life of truth, honesty, integrity, chastity before marriage, purity after marriage, (marriage being between one man and one woman), the central place of the nuclear family, a strong work ethic, etc., is highly objectionable to the left)), so their conditioners can manipulate their feelings  to make them react the way the conditioners want them to react – much like Pavlov’s dogs. (Alex is given a drug to elicit the necessary negative reactions, but today’s manipulators are more sophisticated – no drugs needed.) Mind you, this generation being raised under these conditions today will be the business leaders, citizens and politicians of tomorrow. Raised not as rational thinkers who value truth, but as non-thinking, emotional brutes responding to the Leftist / democrat cues, who don’t care about truth, only about the latest leftist narrative, and how to accomplish it.

And when Jordan says “Big Media” he means all types of media – broadcast media, social media, print media – all types. Clearly the reach of the left is pervasive, which is why the problem is so deep and pernicious.

The Beginning of the End

The democrats have already begun enacting their radical agenda of destruction by fiat via executive orders from the dementia suffering (or similar cognitive impairing syndrome) puppet executive Joe Biden who they installed via stolen election as president. With the Supreme Court obviously unwilling to do a thing about it, is has become clear that the democrats have an unobstructed path to all their destructive goals. The country hangs by a thread. The last glimmer of hope: the rejection of HR1/SR1  (SR1 is the senate version) – the unconstitutional bill the democrats want to pass to legalize many of the ways they used to steal the presidential election. If HR1 passes, it is the judgment of this writer that the country will have passed the point of no return. The freedom loving, constitutional obeying, law abiding republic we formerly lived in will have suffered a fatal blow. And nothing short of a 1776 type open resistance and revolution; or the return of the King, will be able to stop the descent to destruction.

The Third Strike

The movie 1984 starts by clearly stating the primary tools that dystopian, totalitarian governments must use in order to stay in power. The primary tool is described with the words:

He who controls the past controls the future.
He who controls the present controls the past.

Thus we repeatedly see in 1984 those charged with changing recorded truth, replacing truth with the propaganda lies of Big Brother. We see democrats deploying the same tactic today – starting with their proclamation of “The Big Lie”, which according to Dems is that Donald Trump won the election in a landslide and it was stolen from him. The actual democrat lie (that Joe Biden won legally and fairly), which is the basis of all the illegalities that follow,  is demonstrably false. But if some get their way (archive), you won’t be able to say that Trump won and Biden cheated. (archive)

So how will you know when the United States has reached the point of no return? The completion of these three items are three key signs that will be indicative of passing the point of no return:

1. The steal of the 2020 election and subsequent cover-up, and ongoing protection of the steal
2. Extensive lying and re-writing of history (Jan 6)
3. Codifying their ability to do future steals and maintain power (HR1, Replacing the Electorate)
Update: Note Replacing the electorate will be just as effective as HR1, if not more so.
So If the democrat program to replace the electorate now underway is not stopped, they will not need HR1, they will have achieved their goal: the ability to forever cheat and rig elections in their favor. Democrats have cleverly plotted out multiple courses to the same end.

It should be apparent that items one and two have already occurred.  Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election, and are doing everything in their power to protect it. Including occupying the capitol city with National Guard troops, stringing razor  wire around the city (against the insurgency they would execute were the situation reversed)  and calling anyone wanting either an investigation or future election integrity a conspiracy theorist (archive) or racist (their generic attack for anyone holding any position they don’t like) or both.

The extensive lying has also already begun – particularly around the stolen election, but also around the events of January 6, which will be covered in the next installment (chapter one).

The final sign will be the passage, and signing into Law of the unconstitutional HR1, the so called “For the People Act of 2019.” Once that license to steal elections becomes the law of the land, and SCOTUS does nothing to stop it, (like refusing to hear cases on it as they did for the election – until it was too late) the United States of America will be past the point of no return.  Unless, as mentioned above, there is a 1776 type revolt (unlikely given sensibilities today), or a return of the King.

As you have probably gathered by now, this writer holds no hope that the weak and inconsequential, “always play nicely” republicans will be able to stop the power-hunger, win-at-any-cost democrats. Many conservatives and Christians think it’s sufficient to point out the lies and hypocrisy of the left. Newsflash – the left doesn’t care if you point out their lies and hypocrisy. As you can plainly see, they merely keep lying to your face and continue to do as they’ve always done. As long as they have power, they simply don’t care. Thus there is no real plan to stop the democrats. The GOP and the right continuing to do what they’ve always done – calling out the lies and hypocrisy of the left and democrats – is useless. Merely continuing to call out the lies, illegalities and hypocrisies, is as someone said, the definition of insanity: Continuing to do the same thing, yet expecting different results. So the theft will remain in place and unsuccessfully challenged. Thus the decision to start these Chronicles now before HR1 becomes law.

Perhaps we the people will get a reprieve. Perhaps HR1 can be stopped. If so, that will merely slow the slouch to Gomorrah (as judge Bork called it). In that case a pause in the Chronicles may be required, as there would remain a slender hope for fair elections, and a revival of truth and justice. But if HR1 cannot be stopped, (as appears to be the case) it seems there will be no  reprieve. Lies, chaos and destructive leftists will reign, and America as you knew her will disappear as thoroughly as the fabled city of Atlantis.

Whether we ever have a fair presidential election again remains to be seen. (In passing regardless of cheating you must continue to vote. You cannot make their cheating unnecessary by refusing to vote. The guilt of theft must remain on their hands.) But until HR1 is soundly defeated, and there are actual efforts to implement election integrity there is no reason to expect anything other that the democrats to continue executing on their plans for total control. In that case (which is the current situation), theses chronicles of the end of America will continue.

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10/13/21 – on Replacing the Electorate

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