Fact Check: Is Omicron as Deadly as Biden Indicates?

Statement in Question:

Will Omicron will create a “winter of severe illness and death” for the unvaccinated as Biden claims?


Biden made a statement so shocking some couldn’t believe it came from the person playing the role of president. Following is an excerpt of what he said and a common reaction:

Biden: Winter of Death

Some find it hard to believe this actually came from Biden or the white house, so here is Biden reading it, followed by some appropriate comments by Tucker Carlson:

Aired 12/20/21


True or False:

It is false that the  unvaccinated  (or the vaccinated for that matter) are looking at a “winter of severe illness and death.”  

Degree of Certainty:

Highly Certain 


There are 3 main reasons to conclude a “winter of death” is not upon us:

  1. Omicron is a much milder form of the China virus.
    It is not nearly as deadly, as the South African doctor (Angelique Coetzee) who first spotted it states below.
  2. The course of Pandemics tend to become less deadly
    As Dr Scott Atlas, healthcare advisor to president Donald Trump and a member of Trump’s White House Coronavirus Taskforce explains below, as viruses mutate through a pandemic, they tend to become more infectious, but less deadly. This is due to the nature of viruses. They cannot reproduce themselves. They have to take over the machinery in the cells of a host to reproduce themselves. So if they kill off all the hosts, they themselves are killed off. Thus as they mutate, the viruses that survive tend to be more infectious, but less deadly – so they can continue to replicate. This is in accord with what Dr. Coetzee described.
  3. Many unvaxxed have natural immunity
    Biden is again using scare tactics to try to get people to take the vaccines which don’t prevent the disease, and many consider to be “death shots.” Very tellingly Biden refuses to recognize natural immunity – the immunity the body has from recovering from a Covid-19 infection, and thus having the anti-bodies and immune response to fight off the disease. Explained here is why natural immunity is more powerful than vaccine induced immunity. Since many unvaccinated people have natural immunity that Biden refuses to recognize, they won’t be as susceptible to the “winter of death” that Biden claims. Further, “Study Reveals Omicron Infection Can Strengthen Natural Immunity Against Delta Variant” as the linked article reports.

Echoes and References

Dr Angelique Coetzee, the South African doctor who first spotted the new
Covid variant Omicron, says the patients seen so far have had “extremely mild symptoms”


Dr Scott Atlas explains that Omicron is mild, and that Pandemics end
because the virus becomes more infectious, but less deadly, making
them “endemic” (like the flu).

Concluding Comments:

People have gotten wise to the lies of Biden and the democrats. Trying to instill fear to maintain control is working on fewer and fewer people. And when people understand that Biden is lying, and that omicron will not cause the “winter of death” Biden predicts, they will be further alienated from the liar and the thief who is occupying the oval office.

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Brief statement on Scott Atlas background added
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